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school’s back

School is back.  Stella is in grade one and Clare is in grade six – her last year of primary school.  How could that have possibly happened?  So while the kids were at school today, I took the opportunity to head into the city.  After late breakfast with some other school mums, of course.  Making the most of that precious six hours!

tourist in my city - January 2014

Absolutely the perfect day for visiting some fabric shops, the Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion exhibition at NGV, and the All That Glitters exhibition at The Arts Centre. And the train and tram still got me back to school in time for pick up! It was truly restorative for my soul.  I really do love my city.

I am still not certain what the digitally printed polyester crepe from my last post will become – and I love the variety of suggestions that you have made!  There was some very impressive pattern knowledge exhibited in your responses – and interestingly, most of them are patterns that are already in my stash!  I am currently leaning towards a Victory Satsuki top, but I have been known to change my mind.  In the meantime I have some beautiful striped viscose knit on the cutting table waiting to become a draped t-dress, two lengths of linen competing to become Vogue 8552 (before Saturday), and modal knit waiting to become a Cherish dress for my mum…..and I am quite a few blog posts behind on garments that I made during the school holidays.  Ah well!


5 thoughts on “school’s back

  1. Oh lucky you to have some free time in your fabulous city. I sent one off to school for the first time yesterday but still had another one at home so not much me time, but that’s what lunch hours are for on work days!

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