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Some of you suspected that it wouldn’t be long before the creepy cat fabric that I used for Clare’s and Stella’s Modkid Melanie dresses would turn up on a garment for me.  You were right.

Tessuti Lola tee

See what happens when the school holidays enter their fifth week! I do slightly nutty things, like making a Lola tee from cat fabric. Oh well.

Tessuti Lola tee

Like last time, I sewed this up as a straight size Medium, but about three inches shorter than the pattern. Since I had red thread in the overlocker and sewing machine, I did all the construction in red and twin needle topstitching in red as well. Just adds that extra detail that isn’t terribly noticeable, but I know is there!

Tessuti Lola tee - with contrast stitching

I used some black/white stripe from stash for the neck band, rather than more of the creepy cat fabric. I had envisaged eyes all around the neckline, but luckily for everyone else I changed my mind. And why was there red thread in the overlocker and machine?

Tessuti Lola tee with Grainline Moss mini

Because I finally finished sewing another Grainline Moss mini, this time in red. I am very happy with it! I sized down to a 10, learning from my last make, and did a small sway back alteration by removing a wedge from the centre of the back yoke panels.

grainline moss mini - back view

This is really hard to see in the red, and the fit still isn’t perfect, but the skirt is very comfortable and highly wearable.

Grainline Moss mini

The fabric is stretch cotton drill. I used a contrast print for the inside of the pockets, the waistband facing, and the hem band facing.  I really love the way that the pockets extend to the centre front seam!  The angled edges of the pockets were stabilised before sewing, since they are cut on the bias and I really didn’t want them to stretch out.

Grainline moss mini

I was very pleased with the zipper insertion, and found a vintage button from stash to complete the skirt. No-one will ever see it, because I wear my tops over my waistbands, but I know that it is there!

Grainline moss mini

I did try the skirt on without the hem band, but felt that it was a bit too short for me to feel comfortable in at the shorter length. I’m not concerned about the look of my (very pale) legs, but I really couldn’t bend over without showing far more than I wanted to show. So I added the hem band, but cut it a bit narrower than the pattern. This length should be perfect. I’m also quite impressed with the waistband fit this time around, and how well the skirt sits when viewed from the front.

grainline moss mini - front

There is another Moss mini in my future, for my SWAP. I have a few other items that I want to complete first, however! I have managed to sew a garment each day over the past couple of weeks, which has been highly enjoyable for me. As a consequence I am behind on blogging all those garments, but when school and work go back soon my sewing output will slow down considerably. Sob!  Have to make the most of available sewing time while I can!

Tessuti Lola tee with Grainline Moss mini

And did you notice my porch table?

Tessuti Lola tee with Grainline Moss mini

Highly appropriate for deliveries of patterns or fabric, I think….

21 thoughts on “meow

  1. YESSSSSS!! That cat fabric is fantastic! My Kitty is in love with it too. I think your tee is fabulous and I really like the dual tone fabric you chose as the neckband. It elevates the tee to a whole new level. And, has me re-evaluating the fabric for the neckband of the Plantain Tee I’m going to sew.

  2. You have turned the creepy cat fabric into a great outfit:) I love it with the red skirt. I am very impressed with the details of your skirt-making. I always struggle with getting skirts to fit right.

  3. Despite the slightly scary fabric I do like the tee! Your skirt is drawing me ever closer to the buy now button. I am still resisting the temptation with this pattern. I really like the fit and am always a sucker for red black and white.

  4. I have to say that outfit looks really good on you I love it! The skirt fits wonderfully and I love the fabric on you. I think the neckline with the stripped material sets the whole thing off. I remember the kids wearing this fabric and I have to say that it looks better on you for some reason, maybe it’s the pattern. Anyhow you look great.

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