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Tessuti Lola tee

The Tessuti Lola tee is rapidly gaining momentum in the sewing blogosphere.  After seeing Anna’s and Rachel’s versions, I could no longer resist.  What I did just type a post or two back about not getting caught up in the latest sewing crazes?  Ahem, let’s move on….

Tessuti Lola tee, size Medium

This was intended as a wearable muslin, and was made from scrap fabric left over from this dress. I used size Medium throughout. Following Anna’s lead, I shortened the tee by three inches. Otherwise, it is made as per the pattern and the instructions. Well, pretty much.

Tessuti Lola tee, size Medium

As Clare asked when she was taking the photos, “why is there a seam down the centre back”? The answer to that is easy – it was made from scraps, and piecing the back was the only way I had enough fabric. I think it looks okay though!

Tessuti Lola tee, size Medium

Hmmm, what sort of tree is that? Now, I have quite a few t-shirt patterns that I really like, but the Lola tee has already become one of my favourites. I love the scoop neckline. I love the short sleeves. And I really love the way that it flares gently from below the bust to skim over my spare tyres. I also love that it is another candidate for Jungle January!

Tessuti Lola tee, size Medium

In terms of construction details, it was assembled entirely on the overlocker. I used a twin needle on my machine to secure the hems of the body and the sleeves, and also twin needled around the neck band (one needle on the band and the other on the body of the t-shirt.  I now have four go-to t-shirt patterns – the SBCC tonic t-shirt, which is a great fitted tee; the Renfrew, marvellous for a looser overall fit with a bottom band; the Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers top, which has a beautiful round neckline and great shoulder chest fit, with significant flare from below the bust; and the Lola, which is mostly fitted but has that gentle flare around the body.

I actually sewed four items yesterday (three of them very simple).  The mojo is back!

15 thoughts on “Tessuti Lola tee

  1. I have been so tempted by that pattern, but am trying to hold strong as I have plenty of tee shirt patterns in my ottobre mags that I know will fit well… but the pull of may be too strong!

  2. I thought that your blog post about not getting wound up with the latest pattern was excellent advice and decided to take it to heart. Now I am about to do what you have done and download this Lola. Your Lola looks great on you and a wonderful fit. I too need a little flare in the body area,

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