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Tessuti Zoe top

Tessuti are releasing new patterns at a rapid rate at the moment!  One of the latest free patterns is the Zoe top, designed especially for sheer wovens like chiffon or georgette.  It is a straightforward loose style, with 3/4 magyar sleeves cut on, and a bias binding on a wide neckline.  Because the pattern is just the front, back and binding, it also doesn’t take long to tape together and cut out.

Tessuti Zoe top (wearable muslin)

I cut this out at size Large, guided by my measurements. The fabric is from Spotlight, and is a polyester georgette that was on their clearance table for $6 per metre (the pattern takes 1.8m). The spots are actually teal in colour, and the background colour stripes from mustard to cream across the length of the fabric.

polyester georgette from Spotlight

Perfect for a wearable muslin, I thought! And also perfect for Jungle January.

Tessuti Zoe top (wearable muslin)

I hand-stitched the bias neckline binding down, according to my new theory of doing things a little more slowly. Sadly, I didn’t take the time to stabilise the neckline immediately after cutting – and as instructed by the pattern – so the neckline stretched out and is much, much wider than it ought to be. My bad. Because it was a wearable muslin, I used my overlocker for the seams rather than using french seams as per the instructions.

Tessuti Zoe top (wearable muslin)

The pattern had “shorten/lengthen here” lines, and I folded out the full amount to shorten it. However this top is still rather long on me. This wearable muslin is going to be given away to my friend Jennie – who has a fondness for animal prints – and I intend to make another for myself in a size Medium, with a stabilised neckline, french seams, and preferably in silk rather than in polyester. However, it’s not a bad start to the 2014 sewing year and it definitely blew out the cobwebs!

Tessuti Zoe top (wearable muslin)


7 thoughts on “Tessuti Zoe top

  1. A great addition to Jungle January. Great top – love the fabric. I spent the day at Tessuti today sewing with a group (and buying fabric – so much for my pledge – didn’t even last a day!)

    Thanks so much for alerting me to the error of the Island Ali top. That will give me more wiggle room!

  2. This is next on my list to sew. How much did the neckline stretch? I was wondering about narrowing the neckline anyway, but perhaps I just need to make it once as it is to check how it looks on me before I decide.

  3. Oooh, very pretty top in the sheer animal print and it’s free! Thanks for letting us know! I saw your link over in Anne’s Jungle January post and popped over and am now excited to be following your blog.

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