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It was only four nights away, but it felt like much longer – in a good way!  We stayed at Jungle Beach Caravan Park, which is between Marlo and Cape Conran on the East Gippsland coast.  It is a simple caravan park and we had an unpowered tent site right at the back of the park amongst the bracken, complete with a contained open fireplace.  Wonderful.  It was also wonderful that the friends we were away with had a powered site much closer to the amenities, playground, pool, and trampoline.  Between us it was the best of both worlds!  There was plenty of wind, sun, sand, flies, rocks, waves, water, sandcastles, boats and boards, toasted marshmallows, trampolining, swimming, playing story games, listening to audio CDs in the car, treats, sunscreen, seaweed, dust, trees, kookaburras, lizards, popcorn, and overall – FUN!

marlo/cape conran january 2014

Now that we’re back I’m getting more prepared for the year ahead, but luckily I’m able to continue relaxing at the same time.  My poor husband is back at work already, earning the dollars.  I’ll be keeping the kids entertained and looking after the home front for the next four weeks before school returns on the 29th January.  And knowing me I will also make time to sew, as well as making time to get some of those “it can wait until the holidays” chores done.  I’m looking forward to 2014 – we have some fun plans ahead (that include a mid-year trip to Thailand)!  And I adore the age that the girls are at.  Primary school aged children are absolutely divine.


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