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top 5 misses of 2013

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

Okay, most people reading sewing blogs have already realised that it is “Top 5” time. I really enjoy the end of year recaps that have been popping up. Many thanks to Gillian for giving me (and others) the push that we need to get involved!

I’m going to start with my Top 5 misses, in the hope of ending the year on a higher note with a second blog post of the hits before the calendar clocks over to 2014.

1. StyleARC Gorgeous Gore skirt.

StyleARC Gorgeous Gore Skirt

This is a miss purely because I don’t wear it. Actually, I wore it once. The pattern was great, the skirt fitted, I like the fabric, but in combination it never came out of the wardrobe. Long ago consigned to the op shop.  And I’m sure that someone else will like it!

2. Vogue 1306 top.

Vogue 1306 view B

Many others have had great success with this top. I didn’t. Too wide across the shoulders, I put the placket on with the fold to a raw edge instead of edges together, fabric didn’t fall smoothly from the ends of seams. I felt completely blah wearing it.  It’s gone too.

3. StyleARC Linda pants.

StyleARC Linda pants

Great pattern – I have another two pairs in exactly the same size that I adore and wear to work on high rotation. But this pair? Ewwww. No bulge camouflage there! Entirely the wrong fabric choice.

4. StyleARC Adele tunic.

StyleARC Adele tunic

Ergh. That grey near my face. Stretch fabric cut on the cross grain. Neckline too high for me. This one is also at the op shop. But I will use this pattern again in a different fabric, with the neckline scooped down a little more. I like the length and the angled point at the front.

5. Lekala 4277.

Lekala 4277

Despite all the lovely comments left about this dress, it’s a miss. I’ll never be able to wear it without thinking of my abdomen the entire time. And that’s not the way that I want to live my life.

Now, that’s five. But guess what – there’s more! I have a special misses category – better on someone else. It includes the following:

Not for me but great for Rachel.

McCalls 7358 (oop)

McCalls 7358 (OOP)

Vogue 1130

Vogue 1130 DKNY jacket

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic

Fine on me but better on Jennie.

StyleARC Gail top.

StyleARC Gail top

Okay on me but better on Karen.

Vogue 8881

Vogue 8881 view C

Some honourable mentions in the misses category go to wearable muslins that weren’t.  They include:

Lekala 5481

Lekala 5481 skirt - first muslin

I included lots of information about what went wrong with this in the original post. Only a miss at this stage – hopefully a hit later on!

Vogue 8815

Vogue 8815 view B

This is basically too big all over. I made the next two versions a size smaller, and they’re a much better fit. That makes me think – maybe this would be better on Jennie too!

Victory patterns Lola dress.

Victory Patterns Lola dress - size 12

This isn’t a complete miss, because I do wear this dress. But it definitely fits into the “muslin” category. I made size 12 but didn’t do my usual “short woman” alterations. I should have. And I should have taken off the neckband and re-done it a little shorter, and/or taken a wedge out of the centre front. I am absolutely going to make this pattern up again with alterations, because it’s definitely the sort of thing that I like to wear, but my first try wasn’t brilliant.

Ah, going through my makes from the last year (and there are actually over 170 in total including bags, accessories and crochet) really does prompt some reflection!  There are some common themes with the misses:

  1. Wrong fabric for the pattern.  This is the main thing.
  2. Self-delusion.  Measure yourself more often Lara!
  3. Laziness/tiredness.  When I am tired or feeling lazy, that is when I make mistakes.  Such as not double checking things, not flat measuring the pattern, not making my standard alterations.
  4. Wrong fabric/style for me but great for someone else.  Luckily I have some wonderful friends who are happy to take these garments.

You know, misses aren’t such a bad thing.  Every time you sew one up, you learn a little more about yourself and your clothing and sewing preferences.


4 thoughts on “top 5 misses of 2013

  1. Goodness you have been prolific! I’m so impressed with your range of different patterns and styles – it’s such a hard thing sometimes to know if a fabric choice is going to be the right one! I look forward to your hits – I’m sure they will be super stylish!

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