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top 5 hits of 2013 (for my daughters)

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

How could I possibly do a top 5 hits without focusing specifically on the garments that I have made my daughters during 2013?  I usually like everything that I make for them, which is fortunate both for them and for me. As a general rule, children are much easier to fit than adults. Less curves to worry about! The girls get involved with decisions about what I make for them, generally choosing both the pattern and the fabric, albeit with some guidance. And luckily for me they really do like to wear the clothes that I make, Clare in particular. I found it as difficult to narrow down a top five for the girls as I did to narrow it down for me! But here goes, in no particular order. Firstly for Clare:

1. Oliver + S Seashore Sundress.

Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, size 8

2. Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress.

Oliver + S Roller-skate Dress, size 8 for Clare

3. Oliver + S Book Report Dress.

Oliver + S Book Report Dress for Clare - size 8

4. Modkid Melanie dress with Go-To Leggings.

Modkid Melanie dress with Go To Leggings

5. The Anne of Green Gables dress. My absolute favourite make for Clare this year!

Anne of Green Gables

And for Stella:

1. Oliver + S Bubble Dress.

Oliver + S Bubble Dress

2. Oliver + S Book Report Dress.

Oliver + S Book Report Dress for Stella - size 5

3. You Sew Girl! All Season’s Coat.

2013-08-03 11.16.43

4. Oliver + S Croquet Dress.

Oliver + S Croquet Dress size 6 for Stella

5. Trapezist costume! My favourite (and possibly most-worn) make for Stella during 2013.

Stella the "trapezist"

Of course, the girls’ Ottobre, Go-To and Crafty Mamas tops and dresses have worn a lot during the year as well. There wasn’t really anything for the girls that was a miss, thank goodness! I am pleased that I overcame my distaste for making costumes, because both my daughters were very happy with the ones that I did make. The obvious commonality between the hit makes for the girls was Oliver + S. Reliably wonderful. And let’s not forget those recently made Feliz dresses. I certainly can’t!

Feliz dresses for Christmas Day

Happy 2014 everyone!


10 thoughts on “top 5 hits of 2013 (for my daughters)

  1. I’m reading from the other side of the world ( Seattle WA USA) – but I adore your style and creativity. I don’t have much time to sew right now, but love living vicariously through your many wonderful creations! Happy New Year!

  2. Love, love all your lists. I just finished mine and appreciate even more just how much work and time you put into these. Was also amused to see me as one of your top referrals on the WordPress generated recap. It’s probably me checking your blog 10x a day. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  3. Hi lara, love the last 2 posts. I’m really enjoying everyone’s hits and misses. Your range of style arc pants are fabulous. I’m in victoria now and am still keen for a bit of fabric shopping if you’re still interested/available. I’m staying in port fairy but am planning on catching the train to melbourne for the day. I’ve emailed you a few times but the emails have bounced back. I’m here until the 11 th. If you’re still up for it could you have a go at emailing me – pbgubby@spin dot net dot au. Hope to hear from you. Happy New Year to you and your family. Bernice

    1. Hi there Bernice – I emailed you a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back – I hope that my emails are getting through! You can try me at lfinlayson at optusnet dot com dot au or thornberrylara at optusnet dot com dot au.

  4. Happy new year Lara. I’ve really enjoyed reading your 2013 hits and misses. For me your willingness to try new patterns and to mix prints and colours is really inspiring as I tend to get a bit monotonous with my choices!

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