top 5 hits of 2013 (for me)

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

Okay, my top 5 hits!  This is actually quite difficult for me.  There are so many considerations that contribute to something becoming a hit – and they are not always evident at the time the garment is made.  As with the misses, I’m going to bend the rules a little and there may be more than five of these.

1. StyleARC pants.

StyleARC pants 2013

The Tori crop pant in stretch woven. The Linda pant, a brilliant work pant also in stretch woven. The Elle pant sewn in ponte (instead of the recommended stretch woven) and the April pant, also sewn in ponte, were my go-to casual winter pant. The Lola pant in woven rayon is quickly becoming my summer go-to casual pant.  Oh, how I love my StyleARC pants.

2. New Look 6071.

New Look 6071

New Look 6071

I always feel good in this dress. It’s great layered with leggings, camisoles and cardigans, or as is. This pattern definitely has more life in it for me.

3. Vogue 8805.

Vogue 8805

Vogue 8805

Vogue 8805 dress

What’s not to like about this pattern? Comfortable, flattering, stylish, and lots of opportunity for creativity in fabric choices. Three outings isn’t enough. And yes, thanks for the suggestion of making it into a top!

4. Sewcietea (Vogue 1027) and Frocktails (Vogue 1256) dresses.

Vogue 1027

Vogue 1256

I am so happy with both of these dresses! I feel that they flatter and are a little bit special – especially my rather daring Vogue 1256! I have worn both of these dresses more than once. I feel great in both of them.

5. Grainline Moss Mini.

Grainline Moss Mini

There is a reason why so many people love this pattern. It’s such a great style and the seaming allows for easy adjustment to suit a number of shapes. It works for me in winter and in summer – actually, I’m wearing it as I type! I have another cut out, and there will be more.

And that’s five, but of course there are honourable mentions. Actually, I like most of the things that I made for myself this year!

The Grainline Hemlock tee has been an excellent slouchy tee. Perfect match of fit, fabric and style!

Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

But there are many others that I’ve made more than once and wear a lot. StyleARC Marie jackets, Leisl + Co Weekend Getaway tops, StyleARC Amy tops, Vogue 8815 tops, Vogue 8817 tops, and my Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers.

Lovely Layers top

Wow, I’m finding this difficult! Because I also love my Tessuti Eva dresses, and Lekala 5748, and my sleeveless Tessuti Lily dress.

Tessuti and one Lekala

Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. Because when I go back through my photos from the last year, there is a lot that I like! Most of my wardrobe is me-made, which satisfies me greatly.  And I’ve found it interesting to watch the evolution of my haircut and colour this year as well!

And the more perceptive of you would have realised by now that my blog title says that these are the top 5 hits of 2013 – for me!  I still have one more post to do…


3 thoughts on “top 5 hits of 2013 (for me)

  1. A veritable collection of Hits here. I can always tell you like a pattern because you make it more than once and each version is like a completely new item. I have the Moss skirt ready to go for SWAP ’14 but I’m a wee bit concerned about the fly zip being bulky and – is it? Here’s to excellent sewing in 2014

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