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Lekala 4277

When raving about Lekala 5748 the other day, I mentioned that I am better off choosing garments with illustrations of “fuller-figured” girls in them to get the ease that I prefer.  Lekala 4277 is a perfect example of when I did NOT do this.

The resulting dress is mostly an example of sewist error (not pattern error). I almost considered sending this dress to the op shop before having photos taken, but knew that in the interests of sewing blogging I should show you the failures as well as the triumphs.

Lekala 4277

Now remember, this is a pattern that has been drafted pretty much to my measurements. Let me list the wrong for you.

1. Bad fabric choice. I chose a slinky poly-lycra jersey from Spotlight that flows like liquid and clings to every curve. Especially the curves that I do not want to show off. And yes, I AM wearing a control slip in all of these photos!

Lekala 4277

2. Pattern placement. Appalling! I originally thought “oh yes, I should use some of the border in the pleated insert, that would provide nice contrast”. No, it puts bright white across my mid-section and draws your attention entirely to where I don’t want it to go.  Duh.

Lekala 4277

3. Pattern placement again. Because this pattern is a border print, I cut it on the cross grain. This didn’t really make a difference in terms of the way that the fabric hangs on me, because it is 4-way stretch and will drop anyway. But you would think that I could have got it all symmetrical. Instead, the repeat is slightly off, both at the front and at the back.

Lekala 4277

Okay, what I like about it.

1. The neckline and cut-on sleeves. It fits beautifully around the shoulders and bust, and I love the small drape.

2. The colours and print. All quite out there!

Lekala 4277

I will never wear this dress. I may – and that is a dubious may – try it again in a ponte knit, which is actually much more like the fabric recommendation of “natural/mixed knit fabric of medium stretchiness” than the poly/lycra that I used.  All that said, I still like Lekala!


8 thoughts on “Lekala 4277

  1. I like the dress its a nice fit. But, this could become a short dress around knee length by removing the lower contrast. This could also become a tunic with the waist contrast changed to black or green or pink and the lower contrast cut off, allowing you to wear it with leggings and trousers. The dress and/or tunic could be symmetrical and asymmetrical, it’s up to you!

    1. Thanks Carol! I have been considering altering it, but it was such a quick sew that I am more inclined to make it again in a different fabric and let someone else have the pleasure of wearing this one. I really like the asymmetrical tunic idea though!

    1. Believe me, it actually looks much better in the photos than in real life! And I did spare you all a side on photo. All I can think about when wearing it is how the fabric sticks to every roll on my abdomen! But thanks for the positive comment.

  2. I too really like the dress on you and I love the colours on you too.
    It does make you look long and lean in my opinion. Regardless, if you don’t feel right in it I guess some other lucky person will get it.

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