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Lekala 4148

Oh yes, another Lekala!  This time it’s Lekala 4148, made when I was at Sewjourn.  As described by Lekala, it is “dress with decorative belt” to be sewn from “well draping knit fabric of middle stretchiness of natural or mixed fibers”.

Lekala 4148

Dolman sleeves are rather popular at the moment and I think that overall this dress/tunic is rather cute! It suffers slightly from the same problem as my last Lekala make in that I would prefer more ease around my middle.  And yes, I am wearing a control slip in these photos too.

Lekala 4148

And as you can see from the above photo, it could do with better pattern matching as well. The fabric was from Spotlight, and is another of their poly/lycra jerseys. They do such wonderful colours and patterns, and the fabrics feel very silky and smooth on the skin, but I need to not be so distracted by the colour and instead remember the slinky factor that shows off every “curve”.

Lekala 4148

Overall, I think that this is rather cute. At Sewjourn I tried it on with cropped navy leggings and blue shoes, and think that I prefer it worn that way rather than with bare legs.  It will be interesting to see how often I take this dress off the hanger.

Something that I do really enjoy about sewing for myself is the opportunity to try out different styles.  As well as being interesting to sew a variety of things, it’s interesting to see if they actually get worn.  It’s always about how they feel and about how I feel wearing them as well as about how they might look on.  I can tell that for me, style is an evolving thing.  It does change over time – and I think that it is also changing as my body shape is – ahem – maturing.  But it mostly seems to change depending on how I feel about myself.  Hmmm, more to think on!


3 thoughts on “Lekala 4148

  1. I definitely agree with you that sewing really opens up to experimenting with style. I know that for some people sewing time is hard to come by so they want to be guaranteed that what they sew will work out & stick to the same aesthetic, be it pattern choices or fabric choices. But I think I’m quite the opposite-the process or journey is just as important for me & I think that trying new styles is as much a part of the learning process as teaching yourself new sewing techniques.

  2. I love this on you! The ease is one of those things that have stopped me from sewing with more Lekala patterns. They are supposed to be customized to your measurements but I haven’t made up enough to get a good sense of just how well that syncs with my preferences.

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