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Vogue 1012

I have had Vogue 1012 in my stash for some time.  It is an out of print DKNY pattern, and essentially it is a pillowcase dress.  You know, a sack with bound armholes and a casing at the top of the front and the back for a drawstring that forms shoulder straps/ties.

The Vogue version is a very full one, with most reviews saying that the pattern runs incredibly huge. I knew that I would need to use a very drapey lightweight knit for it (the pattern is designed for knits but you could use a woven with similar properties as there is essentially no fitting). Luckily I had some viscose knit in stash courtesy of Anna.

Vogue 1012

The pattern is drafted to narrow substantially by the hemline, which gave it a more flattering shape. I also shortened it considerably by taking a horizontal fold through the centre of the pattern pieces.

Vogue 1012

The straps are threading through the casing at front and back and tie into a bow at one side on the front. I played around with the gathers and the strap length quite a lot to get it to sit in a pleasing fashion, and to cover my bra straps. I secured the straps in place by stitching them down through the casing, which means that they are no longer adjustable but will stay flat.

Vogue 1012

This will be a great hot day dress.  Yesterday we were reminded just how hot it can get in Melbourne, but today will be much cooler.  That’s the thing with Melbourne weather – it is quite changeable.  I grew up in Shepparton in country Victoria, where the summers are long, hot and dry, with the temperature barely dropping at night.  I’m used to hot.  But I don’t like it.  At all.  Thank goodness for the air conditioning.


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