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smelling the roses

Lucky me, I went to Sewjourn again on the weekend!  I only have time at the moment to give you a quick sneak peek of what I got up to, but Rachel has already written about it beautifully on her blog.

Sewjourn December 2013

And yes, as always I am very tired now, but I did manage to get to bed before midnight both nights, and to have a little wander around the local shops, and even stop to admire (and smell) the roses.  Many, many thanks to Rachel, Anna and Leith for your wisdom, encouragement, laughter, food for thought, and the generous sharing of your opinions and experiences.  You women rock!  Now I want to sew another Eva dress and more Lola pants and make some jersey dresses and Moss minis and some bathers and definitely a men’s Liberty shirt….

Full blog posts on everything that I made will come later – hopefully before 2014 rolls around!

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