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late lunch tunic

A few weeks ago I sewed up the new Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic.  Just like the Weekend Getaway Blouse, it had wonderful instructions and contains lots of lovely details.

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic

I sewed this up at size 12 with a C cup FBA (the instructions for doing the FBA are in the pattern, hooray). The fabric was from stash. I think that it was originally from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table. It has a bit of a shot effect, with blue threads woven one way and white threads the other. In many ways it looks similar to the tunic on the pattern cover.

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic

The front and back gathers are just under the yokes, leaving the sides flat. I really like the high-low hemline, and the cut on dolman sleeves. The collar worked out rather nicely too.

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic

But you know what? This tunic was a fail for me. I feel absolutely HUGE wearing it. The colour is too pale for me, and I just don’t like the way that it feels on me when I move. So I gave it away to Rachael.

2013-12-03 14.46.33

SO much better! Now don’t get me wrong, I do think that this is an excellent pattern. There is so much to like about it! But I have realised that in this fabric it really doesn’t mesh with my personal style. Lucky that it meshes with Rachael’s! I also added one more button to the front neckline for her, knowing that she prefers a more modest look than my often plunging necklines.

2013-12-03 14.46.39

Rachael is much taller than me, so this was also a lesson in the importance of proportion. I would like to make this again, but I’ll need to choose the appropriate fabric much, much more carefully. For me it would be better in something extremely drapey, like a rayon or a cheesecloth or similar. And definitely in a different colour. And definitely shortened. Clearly, there are some lessons that take me a long time to learn!

2013-12-03 14.46.48

At least something positive comes of each learning experience. I’m about to head off to Sewjourn for the weekend with Leith, Rachel and Anna. As always, I have many more projects packed than I could possibly hope to complete. Christmas dresses, here we come!

8 thoughts on “late lunch tunic

  1. Thanks for the honest feedback. I have similar issues to you – I recently made the weekend getaway blouse and feel bigger than I should in it. I wonder if it is the ‘kimono-style’ sleeves?? I wonder if you reduced the gathers – ie take out some of the fabric – would that make a difference. I did that with my Tova shirt and love it. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. It’s a beautiful shirt and it looks nice on you and great on your friend. I also have a hard time sticking to lessons learned about what does and doesn’t work for me. My sewing resolution for myself in the coming year is “if I really think that this style (or proportion or color) won’t flatter me, but I am determined to try it anyway for the sake of curiosity or science or stubbornness, just…don’t”!

  3. I have to admit that I do like it better on your friend. I think because she’s taller it looks better but I’m also wondering if it has something to do with the buttons. She has three and it seems to make that part of the top longer and look better proportioned but I could be wrong about that.

    On her it looks like a top on you it looks more like a short dress. I do like the fabric though and the pattern so I’m sure you’ll be able to tweak it and get a better fit for yourself.

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