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want to see a dud?

One of the perils of trying out new patterns is that they don’t always work out.  Sometimes it is the pattern, sometimes it is the fit, sometimes it is the wrong combination of fabric and style, sometimes it’s just the style, sometimes it is the quality of the sewing, etcetera etcetera.  I gave Lekala 5481 a try.  It didn’t work.

Lekala 5481 skirt - first muslin

I can’t quite believe that I am showing you my middle, but in the quest for honesty in sewing and hopefully for others to learn from my mistakes, here it is. This is actually a rather nice pattern. Four gores that spiral around the body, with a fitted waistband. Except I allowed much, much too much ease in my waist measurement, so it is actually much, much too loose around the waist. I know that it’s hard to tell where my waist is, but wherever it might be located, this skirt doesn’t fit it.

Lekala 5481 skirt - first muslin

Next problem – badly inserted invisible zip. There is nothing invisible about that – the colour doesn’t match and it can be easily seen.

Lekala 5481 skirt - first muslin

It’s not too bad across the bottom and hips other than the visible panty line. Ew. But have you spotted my other error yet?

Lekala 5481 skirt - first muslin

If you look closely, you can tell that the fabric seems to change a little. That’s because I forgot to cut it out with the pattern piece the right way around for all four gores. So I have two gores inside out. I cut the gores out with the fabric folded in half – a big no-no.  And it’s even more annoying because it was beautiful fabric given to me by Anna.  Not happy with myself.

By Hand London Polly top with 5481 skirt - first muslin

It’s a shame really, as this skirt pattern really has potential. But I certainly stuffed it all up! Luckily for me this is a free pattern (not that Lekala are expensive anyway) so I am going to re-measure myself more accurately and order it again.

By Hand London Polly top with 5481 skirt - first muslin

But wouldn’t you know it, I’ve made another two items recently that I’m not going to wear. I need a palate cleanser.


20 thoughts on “want to see a dud?

  1. Oh dear! Don’t you hate that! If it is any consolation it goes beautifully with your top and shoes! Can you thread some elastic through the waist band to pull it in a little? I too have made a dud recently. I actually was sitting on the fence about it until I showed it to my husband who made rude comments about it. It may now never see the light of day!

  2. I did the same thing with a similar skirt with swirly gores. Mine went in the reject pile too. Not so much the texture thing though, more that it was unflattering. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad!

  3. The skirt looks fine with the top hiding the zip and waistline. And the wrong side of the fabric panels look like a design feature. But if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it then it will be what I call a ‘learning experience’.

  4. I agree that it doesn’t look too bad once you cover the waistline and the zipper (I didn’t realise that was the actual zipper – I thought you had drawn it in so we could see where it was!). The alternating panels could be considered a design feature.

    I would love to see this pattern made up in linen or a linen blend. I think it suits a heavier and less slinky fabric. A bit more structure to give those gores a bit of shape.

  5. I made up this pattern last year, and found the waist to be big too (and I thought I gave accurate measurements). I wonder if it has something to do with the shape at the top of the gores? On my pattern the gores are straight rectangles from the hip to the waist.
    I didn’t bother with a zipper, and made mine into an elastic waist skirt. I love it, and get lots of compliments when I wear it (mine’s alternating panels of mauve eyelet and big graphic flowers in different shades of purple, so it’s in storage until spring).
    I think the alternating fabric in yours looks like a design feature. I’d yank the zipper and pop in some elastic, and you’ll be good to go!

  6. Definitely a learning curve. I’ve used lekala and never kno how close I should hold in the tape measure when measuring myself. Did you add a little to your waist measurements? I don’t think there’s anywhere on the website where it tells you how much ease they allow??

  7. I really like the fabric panels in reverse – it highlights the style lines and gives your skirt that something extra special. I would just re-do the waistband smaller and re-do the zip, as the colour and style are so practical!

  8. Ditto to everyone saying to rescue the skirt. The fabric is beautiful and because you have half the panels rather than just one the wrong way it looks like it was meant to be. Good luck.

  9. I agree that the different coloured panels look fine! A person in the street would never pick it as a mistake, I guarantee. And I agree that that top hides the zip/waist issues nicely. A learning experience, but not an unsalvageable one.

  10. I also thought the panels were a design feature and agree that a heavier fabric may sit better. It’s also valuable to see the what doesn’t work and hear the possible solutions. I often end up with a waist band like that!

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