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By Hand London Polly top

While I was making the Grainline tank, I thought that I should give the By Hand London Polly top pattern a try.  It’s also a tank, but with a front “bib” shaped inset that incorporates princess seam shaping.  And did I mention that the pattern is free?

2013-11-26 08.41.57

I have seen this made up in a variety of fabric combinations. Most do the front inset as a contrast, with the rest of the top in the same fabric. I decided to do most of the top in the one print fabric (thanks Anna!) and to use a solid to “frame” the inset on the front. This also entailed making bias binding from the print, once again thanks to the bias binding maker. What would I do without that handy little piece of equipment!

By Hand London Polly top

Size wise, I made straight US12/UK16. I did alter it by taking a much deeper shoulder seam, about an inch and a quarter rather than 5/8″. Since I am short, this has brought up the armhole to a better spot and lifted the bust seaming and neckline. Such a large improvement for such a simple alteration. As always, this was hoped to be a wearable muslin, and I think that it actually fits rather well! There are some small pulls when in motion, but the fabrics are medium weight rather than light weight so that would contribute. It’s all about getting the right combination of pattern, fabric and fit! Ah, the challenges of sewing for yourself.

2013-11-26 08.42.05

The bias around the armholes and neckline was used as a binding rather than a facing – attached to the inside, and then wrapped around the seam allowance, folded to the outside and stitched in place. I wouldn’t be surprised if I make this pattern up again at some stage.

By Hand London Polly top


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