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Grainline Scout woven tee

As is often the case, I feel that I am very late to the blog party that is the Grainline Scout woven tee.  So many people have made this, and it is the go-to simple top for many of them.  It was definitely about time that I gave it a go!

Grainline Scout woven tee

Because this was my first go at the pattern, I did not make any major alterations other than cutting it out at size 14 along the sides but size 12 through the armholes, neckline and overall length. I used vintage fabric that was very tightly woven. I have no idea what the composition is. It pressed surprisingly well, but was difficult to ease into the armholes and had pretty much no give and no “shrink with steam” factor. Luckily for me the print hides some of the miniscule gathers that appeared in the sleeve head where I had trouble easing it.

Grainline Scout woven tee

There are no darts in this top, and it has a slight high-low hemline. I love the fit of the neckline – it sits beautifully against the body – and it is comfortably loose around the mid-section. I’m pretty happy with the size, as in a drapier fabric it would lie more closely to my body and not stand out quite as much at the centre. I’m not sure that this one needs a FBA, but I may still think about it. I might shorten it ever so slightly next time too, and might bring in the armholes a fraction more.

Grainline Scout woven tee

I made bias binding with my Clover bias maker and used that to finish the neckline rather than cutting binding using the provided pattern piece and attaching it as per the instructions (like a facing, with understitching). This has still worked very nicely for me and it’s a technique that I’m very familiar with. I’m late to the Grainline Scout tee party, but glad that I eventually arrived.  And co-incidentally, I’m wearing it with my denim Grainline Moss Mini in this photo!


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