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Lekala blouson 5811 and Vogue 1247 skirt

Ah, another Lekala blouson.  May I present to you my first make of Lekala 5811 – it is the first make because there will definitely be a second.

Lekala blouson 5811

I sewed this up as a wearable muslin from a lovely viscose striped knit that came to me from Anna. I wasn’t really sure about all those stripes going in different directions, but the viscose is definitely the right sort of fabric for this drapey top. Both the front and back sleeves are gathered into shaped centre front and centre back pieces.

Lekala blouson 5811

The front and back pieces are similarly shaped but the front has a small cowl. This is a pattern where you definitely need to keep very careful track of which piece is which and which piece goes where. I laid out the front and back separately like a jigsaw puzzle during the construction process, which definitely helped to keep everything in the correct place.

Lekala blouson 5811

There’s plenty of fabric in those sleeves! Doing the gathering was a little time consuming, but once it was done I was able to construct the rest of the top very quickly on the overlocker. The sleeve hems and back neckline are turned and stitched in place, and the bottom has the double layer hip band. I was surprised at how well the cowl neckline sat – it really does stay where it is meant to, despite being a relatively small cowl.

Lekala blouson 5811 with Vogue 1247 skirt

While I was at Sewjourn I also made my third Vogue 1247 skirt (also from fabric given to me by Anna). The fabric was a DKNY cotton/silk originally from The Fabric Store, and it was straightforward to work with. However, unlike my previous two makes of this skirt, it didn’t contain any stretch component. This has made the skirt feel much tighter around my middle than the previous two, despite it being cut out at exactly the same size but taking slightly smaller seam allowances.

Vogue 1247 skirt - front

I lengthened the skirt around three inches, the same as previously, and left off the waistband. I finished the waist edge with bias binding in the same fabric that was used for the inside of the pockets.

Vogue 1247 inside pocket detail

The back closes with an invisible zip – matched perfectly at the centre back yoke seam, I must say!

Vogue 1247 skirt - back

Unfortunately, because I don’t wear anything tucked in you can’t see the yoke detail, the zip matching, or even the clever little pockets! Three versions of this skirt is enough for now, but I don’t think that I have completely retired this pattern just yet. And I will definitely be making the top again.

Lekala blouson 5811 with Vogue 1247 skirt


3 thoughts on “Lekala blouson 5811 and Vogue 1247 skirt

  1. Ahh, my favourite skirt pattern! Nice combination! I like the way you have worked the stripes on the top. The top has an interesting cut, which is something I look for but don’t often find. I might have to try Lekala!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to yet another PDF pattern company that I didn’t know about. The top looks awesome and my sewing to-do list is growing with each blog post you make!

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