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Vogue 8805 again

Did I mention when I made Vogue 8805 the first time that it wouldn’t be the last?  Although I took a long time to get onto this particular bandwagon, now that I’m on it I’m going to ride it hard!

Vogue 8805 dress

This time I made the short sleeved version, and joined the body and lower pattern pieces together to make one piece below the yoke. The black pleather was picked up at Crafty Hi-jinks from the “please take it I’m not going to use it” table (which was the entire stage, actually) and the print is a “wetsuit” type knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics.

Vogue 8805 dress

I’m very happy with the completed dress! The pleather was okay to sew, but not okay to iron – it pretty much melts when heat goes near it, so I pressed it very carefully with a dry iron on low heat and a pressing cloth inbetween. It’s a stretch fabric too – I have no idea how they make it, because it looks pretty much like leather from the right side. I used my twin needle to secure the neckline and hems, and used a strip of the main fabric to face the neckline rather than attempting to use the pleather in that spot. The back neck closes with a button and thread loop, but I can get this on and off without undoing it.

Vogue 8805 dress

That curved seamline is very flatting and the extended sleeves seem to work very well on my narrow shoulders. I sewed this one up at size 14, the same as my last version, but wonder if I could have gone down to a 12.

Vogue 8805 dress

If you have this pattern in your stash and haven’t made it yet, I really encourage you to get it out! Very simple to sew, but a great result. I’m thinking one in linen next.

Vogue 8805 dress

And you have seen the main fabric before – I used it in my Lekala dress, but this dress has a far more comfortable amount of ease for my liking. Speaking of Lekala, I’ve made a few more garments from their patterns recently, and have to say that I am a huge fan of made-to-measure patterns. I love that the proportions are right for my short frame, and that they are shaped for my thick waist! And at less than $2.50 per pattern, delivered within an hour, how can I complain! Oh actually, I do complain when I am taping all those pieces of paper together, because they are pdf patterns, but it is a small sacrifice. Might even tape another one together today.


15 thoughts on “Vogue 8805 again

  1. I like this and I think the coloured fabric goes well with the pleather. The size 14 is the right size for you, I don’t think you’d want to go any smaller. You probably want the little extra room with the pleather so your body can breathe. Not sure pleather is permeable but I’m assuming it’s not.

  2. Oh no, this post reminded me I wanted to try Lekala 4199, noting your comments on length and ease but I just looked for it and it doesn’t seem to exist anymore:( Great version of 8805 I want to try it too!

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