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Whenever I return from a weekend at Sewjourn I feel both exhilarated and a little shredded.  We really don’t get enough sleep!  It’s always “I’ll just finish this seam” or “I’ll just insert the zip” or “I’ll just cut this out” – and before we know it the time is well past Cinderella hour.  But boy, we are productive!  I really love seeing what everyone produces.  Megan created almost 100 metres of bunting, whipped up a crocheted hat (or two) and was generally impressive.  Rachel made her daughter beautiful skirts and shorts, a dress and a couple of skirts for herself.  Kathryn whipped up a skirt, a fully lined jacket, and two dresses!  Karen created four and a half divine dresses for her daughters in really beautiful fabrics.  Tanya was amazing and inspiring – she is in the process of learning to draft patterns and fit them to her own measurements and it was fantastic watching her draft, sew up toiles, try them on, alter the fit, and then use the calico dresses and shorts as patterns for two dresses and a pair of pyjama shorts!  I’m going to be very busy googling pattern making courses as soon as I finish this blog post.  Annie was her usual talented self, making a new bag, a variety of patchwork squares, and an entire quilt that was begun in the afternoon and pieced, backed, quilted and bound by the evening!  She is truly amazing – especially since she did all of it while still using crutches after her recent foot surgery.  Wendy was a wonder, moving from sewing Days for Girls bags to binding quilts to piecing quilt tops to finishing dresses to making knit tops.  And I made a dress and three tops for Clare, a dress and a top for Stella, a skirt and a dress for me, and another seven tops for me as well!  I had them all cut out before I arrived, and many were very simple patterns that I’d used before.  That said, I also tried out a few patterns that were new to me and I’d been wanting to sew up for a while, so I look forward to getting some photos of them and blogging them sooner rather than later.  But back to the title of this blog post – shredded!

shredded scarf

I crocheted this scarf the weekend before conference in October. The yarn is Milla Mia Naturally Soft Merino, in navy, and the pattern is Linda Permann’s Shredded Scarf, from Inside Crochet Issue 13 (January 2011). It was a joy to hook.

shredded scarf

The scarf is worked lengthwise in either chain stitch or single crochet, depending on what row you are up to in the repeat. I think that it would work well in a variety of yarns, and be suitable for a man or a woman. I love it!

shredded scarf

And on that note, since I still feel a little shredded, I’d better get to bed. Hopefully I’ll get some photos of my Sewjourn makes soon. And to my fellow Sewjourners – you are such a special group of women. To write about the conversations, laughter, slippers, and general love and support that you all give would take me hours, so instead I will just say a very heartfelt thank you and goodnight! #soztoteshavingaconvowithmypeeps


5 thoughts on “shredded

  1. Always a pleasure to spend time with you Lara – and regardless of how much pre-cutting you had done or how easy you claim all your projects to be you are a very talented sewist to get through the amount you did.
    I very much appreciate your generosity of time in helping others when we are away. xx

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