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lace tee

Another instant gratification project!  Last time that Clare and I were at the shops we noticed that there are a lot of simple lace t-shirts around.  Many in bright neon colours, which definitely took me back to dressing in the early 80s.  I’m not sure if Clare was impressed or not when I described one of my favourite teenage outfits to her: skinny Lee jeans, neon pink mesh t-shirt, worn with a wide black belt over the t-shirt at hip level, and my short hair parted in the centre with the fringe flicked back either side.  Noice.  Anyway, I made her a quick lace tee to wear over brightly colour tank tops – not that she has any brightly coloured tank tops just yet, but they are in the works too.  I asked her to throw this on over singlet and school pants just so that I could get some photos, but she intends to style it quite differently!

simple lace tee

The pattern is “self-drafted” – which means that I grabbed a kimono sleeved t-shirt out of her wardrobe and traced around it. The lace is the last of some scraps that were originally bought at Spotlight. I’m pleased with this as the final project from this fabric – I think that it is the third one that incorporated it.

simple lace tee

Shoulder and side seams are overlocked together, and I overlocked around the hem, neck and sleeve edges before turning them to the inside and stitching them down. About half an hour including “drafting” the pattern!

simple lace tee

Now I’ve got a few more brightly coloured and patterned tops to make for her. We recently bought her a few pairs of shorts, and she wants Mum-made tops to wear with them because she always likes to wear something that I have made for her in every outfit. Aw. How can I resist a request that is put like that?


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