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It’s rather ironic really – our accountant/financial advisor is located in the same street as Darn Cheap Fabrics.  So I am sometimes forced to drop in and check out the fabrics when we are also checking out our finances.  I thought you’d like to see some of my recent purchases.

embroidered cotton and silk/cotton from DCF

As soon as I clapped my eyes on this embroidered cotton I knew it would be coming home with me. I bought the last on the bolt, but have noticed that it is still for sale in their online shop. It is fairly narrow, and each selvedge has a fancy shaped and embroidered edge. I found some silk/cotton to line it with. The most difficult question now is whether it will be used for something for me or something for one of my girls. I think that Clare has her eye on it.

embroidered cotton from DCF

There was also this border embroidered cotton that absolutely had to come home with me. At this stage it will make a dress for Stella, possibly the Oliver + S Croquet dress. We’ll see!

sequinned fabric from DCF - reduced as imperfect

These stretch sequins came home with me to practice on and play with, since it is an imperfect piece and was dramatically reduced. I have seen so many beautiful sequinned fabrics lately, and since attending the Miss Fisher’s Costume exhibition a few weeks ago visions of simple shapes in luxurious fabrics have been swimming through my mind. I wonder how well they would drape and swish on a short plump woman?

printed cotton - from DCF $2 per metre table

And of course, the $2 per metre table did strike again. The printed silver dots on fine white cotton, and some slinky polyester that I am planning to use for lining a sheer polyester dress.

from DCF $2 per metre table

Although I do prefer natural fibres, in my opinion good quality polyester does have a place – and I am not lining a polyester dress with silk/cotton! So there you go, my latest acquisitions. So, does the coral/cream embroidered cotton go to Clare or to me? And what you would recommend it becomes for either of us?

Darn Cheap Fabrics haul October 15 2013/p>


10 thoughts on “some fabric love

  1. I absolutely love the embroidered cottons. My favourite fabric shop has some that are similar and every time I go there I look at them longingly. However, then I never know what I would actually do with them so sorry I can’t help you out there. But I can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  2. You got some lovely stuff there Lara – is the coral closer in colour to the top pic or the bottom one?? I think it would make a lovely summery dress for Clare – or a top for you!! Big help aren’t I!!

    1. The coral is closer to the top photo, I think. I have a feeling that Clare might get it, although it is a shade that works for me too. I would actually need to make a muslin first for me though to get the fit right. I did consider a Grainline Scout, with the border on the hemline. Let’s wait and see!

  3. They are beautiful, I love this kind of embroidery. Anything that has a simple shape where the border embroidery will shine. Capri pants, summery jacket, pretty dress. The fabric looks like it might not be overly sturdy. You really need the most durable fabric for children’s wear. Therefore the fabric must be for you!

  4. Lovely purchases. I’m really drawn to the blue one. I love the particular shade of blue. So many possibilities. Thanks for all your fabric shop suggestions. I’ll certainly email you when I have a better idea of my itinerary. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.

  5. Lovely fabrics!! Please, please, please make a skirt for you from the blue embroidered fabric ( or even a shift dress). Would love to see this as a straight skirt with a little cardigan, or even with a cream Chanel jacket tipped in the same blue as the skirt. Sourcing fabric here is hard work, so much is export only and there are so many seconds and faulty fabrics 😦
    Very jealous of your bargain table finds. Lx

  6. Haha! Imagine if you were like me and lived within walking distance! I’m forced to go in every time I go to Leo’s! I do love that pink eyelet fabric! And I snapped up the metallic circles – I’ve dyed some of mine, should be appearing on the blog in the next few weeks. Look forward to seeing what you make with them all (also make sure you always have a ferret around in the remnant bin up the back! 🙂 ).

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