striped cotton scarf

On the weekend I needed a super easy crochet project.  Something that didn’t require any thought; something that would allow my fingers to move repetitiously and let my mind wander.  I have had the Scrapadelic Scarf in my favourites on Ravelry for a little while, and decided that it would be a great basis for what I was after.

crocheted cotton scarf in hdc

I pulled five colours of Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton out of my stash, with Stella’s assistance to choose which colours. Using a 5 mm hook, I started with a chain of 220 stitches, used the same colour for the first row of sc into the base chain, then switched colours with every row of hdc that took place after that. SO easy. I worked 16 rows in all, then finished it off by adding some more yarn at the end of each row and plaiting it into a fringe.

striped cotton scarf in hdc

On Monday at work I was lucky (?) to have four hours to sit through a software vendor’s presentation – which is where I finished crocheting the final five rows and added and plaited the fringe. It was a great way to stay awake and focused on a presentation in a dimly lit lecture theatre – I normally start nodding off within around five minutes of being in that room.  I am very happy with the finished scarf – cotton has a drape that I really enjoy wearing, and as we move into Spring here – 27 degrees yesterday, 16 today – it is a versatile accessory. I have another cotton scarf in a different design on the hook right now!

And Bendigo Woollen Mills are about to release their new cotton colours – and from the glimpse I got on facebook there are some particularly nice ones in there. Maybe a cotton ripple blanket is in my future for next year?

Scarf details are Ravelled here.


5 thoughts on “striped cotton scarf

  1. I love your scarf, the colur choice is spot on, and recognise the need for a mindless crochet project to do. I always have a mindless project and a project with a pattern on the go. But I love a mindless one and pick the right one, always turns out effective.
    I like cotton too. I like the heavy drape of it. I’ve just finished a jumper (knitted) in cotton and it’s lovely to wear.

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