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Lekala 4163 knit jacket

I had quite a surprise a week or so ago when I was scrolling through my feed reader on the tram and discovered that fellow Australian Suzy had just made Lekala 4163!  I had the same pattern already cut out, just waiting to be sewn together.  I haven’t seen this jacket on other other blogs, so it was surely serendipity.  I was straight into sewing it that night once I got home.

planning - Lekala knit jacket 4163

As with my Lekala dress, I had ordered this pattern with seam allowances included. It didn’t take terribly long to tape together, and once again the pattern pieces looked as though they would take my height and waistlessness into account.

Lekala 4163

The fabric is a checked ponte, medium weight and quite soft and drapey. If my memory serves me right I bought it as an end of roll at Spotlight last year, but I have noticed the same fabric being sold at Darn Cheap. Because it was a check, it took me a considerable amount of time to lay out the pattern pieces. I used a single layer to cut it out, with more of an emphasis on matching the stripes horizontally than vertically. The sleeves are two piece, and the back has a centre back seam as well as side back princess seams. The ties insert into the side seams, and the front pieces are one large piece. The back neck and front are faced – I decided not to use interfacing on those pieces, despite the instructions suggesting that I should.

Lekala 4163 and StyleARC Fay skirt

For a first try, I think that the fit isn’t too bad! The pattern was certainly petite-ed enough for me, and the back neck seemed to fit where it should. Why didn’t my husband tell me that the white tag of the top I was wearing underneath was sticking out in every one of these photos?

Lekala 4163 and StyleARC Fay skirt

I was quite happy with my check matching, actually. I didn’t have to worry about it at the front, because it’s mostly on the bias, but I did get it right across the shoulders, the back seams and the two-piece sleeves. Not perfect, but good enough for what was intended to be a wearable muslin. I did have to re-cut one of the under sleeve pieces when I realised that I had cut it out on completely the wrong part of the check. Luckily I had enough scraps!

Lekala 4163 and StyleARC Fay skirt

There was also enough fabric to make a StyleARC Fay skirt to match. I really like this outfit for work – because it’s ponte and the jacket is unlined it is comfortable to wear sitting at a desk all day, but I also feel that it is rather smart without being a traditional suit. I am not a traditional suit person any more. Which reminds me – Anna had a terrific post the other day about finding your style. I’ve been ruminating on her thoughts ever since, and think that I am better at knowing what my style is not than what my style is! I’ll see if I can come up with a similar blog post at some stage.

Lekala 4163 and StyleARC Fay skirt

So, my Lekala verdict after my second make? I think that I still need to include more ease through my waist – those rolls are really showing in the photos of my back – but otherwise, I think that I am a convert! I also like that many of the styles are a bit different to what is found elsewhere. And wouldn’t you know it, I already have another four of their patterns in my possession. Which shall I make next?


18 thoughts on “Lekala 4163 knit jacket

  1. Wow I love it in the check fabric! Strangely enough I bought the end roll of this fabric in the black and grey check from spotlight a couple of months ago and have been wondering what to make!
    Make a great suit with the skirt, would be so comfy to wear all day too!

  2. I had heard of Lekala, but have never looked at their site. Am I right in thinking that despite the pattern being drafted for you! you still needed to make some minor alterations? How does that compare to other pattern companies?
    The check is terrific on you, and beautifully matched. Congrats!

    1. The pattern takes into account your height, bust, below bust, waist and hip measurements. So you are still likely to have to make some alterations depending on the way that your shape is distributed. For example, if you carry more of your waist measurement in your front or your back, and the same with measurements such as biceps. That said, I don’t have to do things like shorten every piece, enlarge the waist on every piece, etc. That is already done for me. Much less faffing about with Lekala than with other pattern companies, at least for me. Once I’ve stuck all those pieces of paper together, that is!

      1. Oops – I used “!” instead of “,” up there, between the “you’s”. Kinda changes the tone a little.
        So, lots of matching & taping papers + minor alterations for not a lot of money. Or, no taping and frequently major alterations for sometimes considerable amounts of money per pattern.
        Have you ever considered drafting your own pattern blocks? Or the systems like Luttlerloh?
        Looking forward to the remaining Lekala clothes : )

  3. I hope you kept this outfit when you did a purge ! It looks so good! Is there a lot of fabric in the front ? On their web site it looked liked it could be bulky – which I don’t need … It looks very slimming on you, though. I’m 1 & 1/2 inches shorter than you & big busted … what do u think … should I try the pattern?

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