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Vogue 8825

Recently Spotlight was selling Vogue patterns at $5 per pattern.  Mon dieu!  That never happens in Australia, the land where a Vogue pattern is routinely closer to $30!  So I rifled through the drawers and picked up a few.  One of them was Vogue 8825.

Vogue 8825

I don’t think it will surprise any of you that I was attracted to this pattern. A raised waistline, cross-over neckline, and winter (and office air-conditioning) appropriate long sleeves. Vogue describe it as Pullover tunic or dress has front extending into back collar, fitted, front pleated bodice, raised waist, tie ends, two-piece sleeves with barrel cuffs, and stitched hem. There is also a pants pattern included, which I might try one day. The pattern (including the pants pattern) is designed for two-way stretch knits that include spandex.

Vogue 8825

After browsing online reviews of this pattern and checking the measurements printed on the pattern tissue I cut it out at size 14 (my weight is still up at the moment) and made petite adjustments at all the marked lines. I also turned up a considerably wide hem, making the dress around four inches shorter than the pattern. I narrowed the barrel cuffs too, by about an inch and a half, so that they fit snugly around my wrist. All that lower sleeve needed to gather up nicely to give that 70s sleeve effect!

Vogue 8825

Vogue claim that this pattern is “very easy”, and they’re pretty much right. Especially when most of the construction can be done on the overlocker. The ties are super long, and wrap around me a few times before doing up in a knot at the front. The fabric is from Darn Cheap Fabrics – and I think it was on the bargain table!

Vogue 8825

I recommend this pattern – Vogue think that it suits most figure types, and they are possibly right.


7 thoughts on “Vogue 8825

  1. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were either, even though I had no need for more patterns I went and bought two more just to show Spotlight some support in having this sale! I love your colorful fabric – it looks great on you made up in that style

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