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Yalta and April

I’ve got behind again.  I have about ten garments that need to be blogged, some made weeks and weeks ago!  So get prepared for an onslaught of blog posts over the next few days.  I really do prefer to blog things in the order that they are made, soon after finishing them. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable when things get into this state.  So, what did I wear to Crafty Hijinks?  My new Yalta top and my new April pants.

Yalta top and StyleARC April pants

So, first to the top. The Yalta top was the first pdf pattern released by Lena Merrin of The Sewing Space. She designs for figures with little waist definition, so of course I jumped right onto this one. This is really my wearable muslin. The fabric is a remnant from Rathdowne Fabrics. I’ll remake it again in something that is a little nicer to wear.  As much as I like the colour of this one, I’d prefer something a little softer and less synthetic.

Yalta top

There are lots of positives about this design. The armholes are nice and high, bra strap coverage isn’t a problem, the cowl isn’t deep but still gives a pleasing neckline, and the side tie makes for flattering gathers. The entire top is cut on the bias, which is unusual in a knit but seems to give a very attractive fit.

Yalta top

I cut this out at size 14 and didn’t make any alterations. The instructions are an order of construction, so they do assume that you have sewn before and have a good idea of what you are doing. That said, it’s not a complex top to sew. Front, back, bindings for the back neckline and armholes (but really you can finish them however you prefer), a strip of fabric for the drawstring casing, and a long strip to make the drawstring. Two thumbs up for this pattern!

Yalta top

The pants are lots of fun. Enough colour and pattern there for you?

StyleARC April pants

The pattern is StyleARC April. I made size 10, with my usual short woman alterations (removing length both above the knee and below). It is the third time that I’ve used this pattern.  The fabrics are both from Darn Cheap Fabrics. The print is a highly artificial scuba type of knit, very thick and spongy. Nothing natural going on with those fibres, but I love the print! It’s also quite comfortable to wear. I used plain black ponte for the outer and inner leg contrast panels.

StyleARC April pants

No, they’re not for the shrinking violet, and certainly won’t be worn on days when I feel like just blending into the background.

StyleARC April pants

And on the day I topped the outfit with my bright green Nina cardigan. Coincidentally, the craft project that I was working on at Crafty Hijinks was a crocheted vest in a variegated purple/green wool. It matched my top and jacket beautifully!

Yalta top and StyleARC April pants


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