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Crafty Hijinks

When I started blogging more than six years ago I had no idea that I would actually meet people through it.  But I did, and I am still meeting more!  I love that I have made some very special friends through the common interests that we share; wonderful women I may have never met otherwise.  I’m a very lucky person.

The person who encouraged me to start a blog way back when was Jodie.  And over the years she has been part of a number of bloggy meet-ups.  On Sunday she and Gillian arranged another bloggy get-together in a hall in Ballarat.  It was Crafty Hijinks, and it was lots of fun!

2013-09-15 13.05.41

Forty-nine crafty women sewing, crocheting, knitting, talking, shopping, eating and laughing in a hall for the day. It flew past! There were fantastic goody bags and door prizes too – thanks so much to the sponsors for their generous donations:

Merrilyn Sim of Threadneedle Craft in Daylesford
Linda White of Gum Valley
Fran Ibbott of Whip stitchy
Karen Pior of Sew Well Maide
Rosalie Quinlan
Leslie Keating of Maze and Vale
Morgan Wills of The crafty Squirrel
Emma Jansen of Ballarat Patchwork
Jodie McGill of Applecartco
Julie Sebire of Narioka
Nicole Mallalieu of You Sew Girl
Marilyn Cardinal of Missy Mao Mao
Nic James of Yardage Design
Fiona Ransley of Fee’s shabby shack
Camille Condon of Curlypops
Claire Gee Of Matching pegs

I had a great trip there and back with some delightful crafty buddies, and took part in a wonderful colour workshop led by the talented Wendy.  I need to play with paint more often!

2013-09-15 13.00.48

My lucky door prize was some beautiful Maze and Vale fabric – so looking forward to using it!  I also appreciated the chance to catch up with crafty friends that I don’t get to see as often as I would like to.  Thanks to everyone who was there, and huge thanks to Jodie and Gillian for arranging such an enjoyable day.  You rock!


5 thoughts on “Crafty Hijinks

  1. Crafty Hijinks was such a brilliant Idea, Loved meeting and chatting with as many people as possible and seeing all the lovely things that were being made, and I went home with some fantastic freebies to use for my charity work. That day will lift me for a long time.

  2. Hi Lara,

    I am Karen of Sew Well Maide. I feel the same way about blogging. I have been at it a couple of years now and this was my first ‘bloggy in person’ event. I don’t know how I missed saying hello to you – so this is a belated Hello! I hope to see you at another event somewhere down the track. I am following your dressmaking adventures with avid interest!!


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