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Vogue 8817 (yes, again)

It’s been about TWO WEEKS since I sewed anything!  It’s killing me – but there has been too much other stuff I have had to do, and I’ve been suffering from a bit of a virus that hasn’t really made me feel sick but has made me incredibly tired and put me to bed early each night – often earlier than my ten year old daughter!  So there hasn’t been any sewing going on.  This top was finished a couple of weeks ago.

Vogue 8817 view D

Remember my previous version of Vogue 8817? Lots of you liked seeing me in pink and pattern in that version – but that hasn’t lasted for long, I’m back in brown again! But three different browns, at least.

Vogue 8817 view D

This is size 12 again with exactly the same shortening through the body as the last version. It does look to me as though it is pulling a bit from the armhole above the bust – see those folds? Not sure if I should have cut a larger size (or done a FBA) through the bust, or altered the armhole depth, or if it is due to the seaming between the different fabric types affecting the way that the top sits.

Vogue 8817 view D

The fabrics are a stretch lace, a viscose/spandex, and another anonymous textured stretch. I used the viscose/spandex for the neckband, needing that stability. All the panel seams have been topstitched on the viscose/spandex side. Once again, on me the sleeves are almost full length.

Vogue 8817 view D

I love it with my fancy pants!  Now to get the ironing and mending helping out with prep reading at school and other things on the to-do list ticked off so that I can hopefully get some sewing done this afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Vogue 8817 (yes, again)

  1. I am envious of anyone who can rock the leggings & tunic look. And you are wearing brown which I like but looks dreadful on me. You cap it off with printed leggings – Jealous much?

    I like the cut of the top, possibly the armholes will loosen over time.

    Back to the bootcut trousers in navy or black for me!

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