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random links and ramblings

When I am not sewing much – and I do realise that is a relative term, for me “not sewing much” means that I haven’t sewn for three or four days – it does allow me a little more head space to think about my sewing and to reflect on other things that I notice around the sewing blogs.  Some things that have drawn my attention lately include the following:

Free t-shirt patterns that I have tried or want to try:

These posts on the Already Pretty blog (a style blog that often makes me think about how those of us that sew approach issues like fit and flattery)

New patterns that I fancy

  • Anna dress (yes I bought it) – but WHY does this pattern company not provide a line drawing of their patterns?  I need to see the shape!  I need to see the seamlines!  Not only photos of finished garments on models with figures very unlike mine!
  • Saltspring dress (not for me, as it has a defined waist and spaghetti straps but it’s so cute!)
  • Grainline Lakeside Pajamas

Craftsy classes that I am enrolled in but have barely started

And some Craftsy courses that I am considering taking BUT I have to finish the above classes first

I’ve been laughing at the Camp Gyno advertisement (the funniest ad for “feminine hygiene” products that I have ever seen)

Reading this excellent post on choosing linings

Admiring other people’s finished garments:

Enjoying reading Carolyn’s adventure with sewing Burda 08-2012-142 (I think I want to make this dress)

Being amazed by Cathrin’s review of Medieval Week (the level of detail that goes into their outfits is amazing)

Discovering that there are yet more independent pattern lines being released

Listening to Thread Cult podcasts (thanks to Leith for alerting me to these)

Missing many of my old favourite bloggers who have hung up their blogging hats

Accepting that many of the patterns favoured around the sewing blogosphere – moreso by younger bloggers who have a waist – are never going to suit me and will never be made by me

Realising that I am really starting to look my age.  I am so blessed to be my age and where I am in life.  It still surprises me though when I look at photos and see a middle-aged woman who is me!


14 thoughts on “random links and ramblings

  1. Thanks for all the links, especially the Thread Cult one, just what I have been looking for to listen to. I;m still not sure about the Anna dress, not sure if it is right for my figure.

    1. Hi there Kate – I’m not quite sure about the Anna dress either, but I’m willing to give it a go! I think that with careful fitting with the release of the pleats, it could be great – or disastrous. I’m not surprised that you are uncertain – we have similarities to our figure types – so you can let me be the guinea pig!

  2. Thanks for the link and liking my Renfrew tunic. I nearly didn’t even post it, thinking that it was perhaps too simple.

    I am the opposite of you with clothing. Apart from being middle aged, we do have that in common, I find that clothing with a waist suits me better. I have disproportionately large hips and thighs so need to draw attention to my narrow areas I.e. my waist. I think that is why I am drawn to Sewaholic patterns. I do however like a good empire line as well. I think since I have been blogging I have a better idea if what suits me and tend to stay away from styles that don’t. It has taken me half a lifetime to learn that trick! There has to be some benefit to middle age and I think wisdom is it.

  3. There is always sooo much to look at!! I discovered the Ralph Pink patterns a few weeks back – they look great – who knew there were so many pattern companies.
    Thanks for all the inspiration Lara.

  4. Thanks for the mention! I look at all of those new indie patterns too and have come to the conclusion that they arent aimed for the mature sewist…which is ashame because some of those I could sew the hell out of…and some are just not my style. But on the other hand, if it gets another generation sewing, that is a Good thing!

  5. Thanks Lara for the links to more free patterns. You must have read my mind as that is just what I was looking for this morning! I have already previously made the Grainline Hemlock tee and I love it and have cut out the Tessuti Mandy. From your link I have now downloaded the Blank Canvas Tee so thanks again.

  6. This was a great list! I have the Kimono tee traced off and ready to sew – thank you for linking up the others!

    Also, isn’t the lakeside pj pattern just SWOON worthy!?!? I love it and am definitely going to splurge a bit on that one!

  7. What a great post! And that HelloFlo commercial is hilarious!!! My 11 year old girl came in the room to watch – “that is so weird”, lmao!!! I agree having to be very careful with all those lovely indie patterns – I had thought with wider straps that the Saltspring dress maybe workable. Cheers!

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