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Amy and Elle

The StyleARC Amy and Elle patterns got another outing yesterday.

StyleARC Amy top with Elle pants in ponte

I happened to be cruising the aisles at Darn Cheap Fabrics last week when I spotted the green/blue ponte knit. I always have trouble describing this colour – is it teal? It’s a colour that I really love, and thought would work nicely into my wardrobe for another pair of Elle pants.

StyleARC Elle pants in ponte

Same old construction – the pattern has already been shortened in two places, one above the knee and one below, and it is put together on the overlocker, with the twin needle used around the waistband and on the hems. The hem is one and a quarter inches.  I could possibly sew these pants in my sleep. I wandered around the aisles with the ponte in my arms, then my eye alighted on the abstract feather printed knit. How could I resist! It coordinated so well!

StyleARC Amy top

This top pattern is super easy too – construction on the overlocker, with hems secured by Vliesofix before twin needling in place.  I quite like the small ridge that you can get when twin needling, although I know that many people fiddle around with their sewing machine tension in order to eliminate it.  However I enjoy it as a detail.

StyleARC Amy top with Elle pants in ponte

I am very pleased with this outfit – and discovered today that my mustard Abby cardi works really well over it too. I’ve had some very satisfying simple makes lately!


16 thoughts on “Amy and Elle

  1. Love it!
    I wanted to ask you about style arc patterns. according to their site i neeed to order one size… i want to order the lauren cardigan. are their size measurements accurate in terms of choosing which size pattern to order? thanks!!!

    1. I basically order the size that I would generally purchase in Australian ready to wear (12 top, 10 for stretch pants, 12 for woven). It has worked well for me that way so far! Send them an email with your measurements and let them know how much ease you like in your clothes and I’m sure that they’ll assist you with figuring out the best size – they are very helpful.

  2. I’d have a stab at calling it turquoise, but I am not to be trusted with correctly identifying colours. Great outfit on you! Elle gets more and more tempting, the more you post!

  3. I didn’t realise those pants were made from ponti! I thought they were denim – I need to go look in Darn Cheap! Had a great time Saturday night – still thinking about those prawns!

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