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Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

I find it hard to resist a free pattern.  The lure of the free – it is a temptation to many of us, I suspect.  The latest free pattern to hit the internet sewing community is the Grainline Hemlock Slouchy Tee.

Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

This pattern only appeared during the week. Luckily for me, Anna was super fast off the mark and had hers whipped up a day later! I used the same alterations that Anna made, as I am actually shorter than her, and the pattern was drafter for someone quite a few inches taller than both of us. I shortened the sleeves 3 1/4 inches, and the hem 2 1/4 inches. Anna and I actually have the same bust and hip measurements, so I had a fair idea already of how it would fit. The pattern is only one size. Which is quite reasonable when you consider that it is free – and slouchy!

Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

Like Anna, I used the overlocker for construction, with a twin needle around the neckband, sleeves and hem. And like Anna, I had to spend a little time pinning in order to match up all those stripes! I didn’t do too bad a job. And it’s always nice when you match them up along the shoulder seam!

Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

The fabric was left over from an earlier project. It’s a very soft jersey, possibly cotton/viscose/spandex or similar. The bold blue and orange stripes can really strobe on the computer screen though! Fit wise, it’s a nice slouch. Not huge, just right for comfort. And because the sleeves aren’t too wide, the overall shape is quite flattering, I think. And the neckline depth is just right too!

Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

Next time I’d line up the centre back seam of the neckband with one of the shoulder seams. I think it gives a neater look overall. Otherwise, this is a great freebie – and yes, it is a quickie too!

Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee


5 thoughts on “Grainline Hemlock slouchy tee

  1. You are quick off the mark! I really like your fabric. I downloaded it too and as you are about the same height, I’ll thank you for the tips for shortening! I just bought some fabric from a fabric sale and this will be perfect for it.

  2. I’m inspired! I bought a couple of stretch knit remnants at Preston Market yesterday. I’ve just printed the pattern and plan to make one tonight. I’m making short sleeves, using the page join as the short sleeve length. I’m going to keep the length of the pattern the same as I like a longer t.

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