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so, what does this become?

More of the scuba knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics.  Amazing large-scale, very colourful digital print.  On stretchy, spongy poly/spandex.  I have 2.5 metres of it.

Darn Cheap Fabrics poly/spandex scuba knit

This photo is across the entire width of the fabric (top to bottom in the photo) – it is a very full-on print! So, what do I make? If I were a foot taller and 10kg slimmer I’d make a body-conscious dress. As it is, I’m considering another pair of Elle pants with a coordinating jacket (maybe another Marni jacket, or a Nina cardigan – but it runs the risk of showing the white reverse side). Suggestions are highly welcomed!  Think about my short, apple shape – what would you suggest in this fabric?


13 thoughts on “so, what does this become?

    1. What great suggestions! Carolyn, I hadn’t thought of colour blocking it – but that would be excellent. Shall go and check out my patterns. A dress would be great – and if I use solid sides, that might reduce the impact of my central curves a little!

    1. Wow, thanks Jenny! I haven’t heard of that site before – and so now I’m going to check it out in a big way! I don’t think that this fabric is flowy enough for that skirt, but I’d love to make it in something else – and it’s not as though I don’t have plenty of other fabric in stash! Thanks for commenting (because now I can check out your blog too!)

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