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her name was Lola…

She was a showgirl….actually, I went to a Barry Manilow concert once.  It was a brilliant concert – such a performer!  What a showman!  Loads of fun, especially because I was in my twenties and it was hilarious to watch all these “old” women (in their forties and fifties) squealing and carrying on in great excitement whenever Barry so much as looked their way.  Ah, the memories.

Victory Patterns Lola dress - size 12

This is my first go at the Victory Patterns Lola dress. Overall, there is a lot to like about it. The princess seams give gentle shaping, the huge wraparound pockets are lots of fun, and I like the raised front waist seam. It’s also quick to assemble on the overlocker, and it is cosy and comfortable. But as with most first makes, there are things that I will need to change the next time that I make it.

Victory Patterns Lola dress - size 12

This is a straight size 12, and you can see that it is too big across the top of the centre front, which makes the neckband fold and gape. Not a good look – but luckily, one that is easily hidden beneath a scarf. Next time I will take a small fold out of the top of the centre front piece. Otherwise, the 12 was fine width wise. But then, there is the back.

Victory Patterns Lola dress - size 12

Not too bad, but a few wrinkles where is is too long through the torso. Yes, this style still does need to be adjusted through the back above the seamline and have an inch or so removed for a short waist alteration. The front is fine though.

Victory Patterns Lola dress - size 12

I really like the raglan sleeves – which is interesting to me, because I used to loathe raglan on my figure and only like set-in – and the elbow length is fine too. I used a soft, inexpensive polyester knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics for this rendition. It’s a great colour.

Victory Patterns Lola dress - size 12

This is how I wore it yesterday – layered with leggings, boots, a scarf and a cardigan. I know that I’ll get quite a bit of wear from this version, despite its imperfections. And hopefully the next one – which might have long sleeves, actually – will be even better! Recommended.

9 thoughts on “her name was Lola…

  1. Seriously woman – you are a sewing machine! Easy problems to fix next time and I think the dress has potential for a next time. I’d love to make one, but my sewing output is taking a hit at the moment 😦

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