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Have I mentioned recently just how much I like wearing slim pants made from stretch fabrics?  I don’t think that I have worn jeans at all this winter!  It’s all been about the stretchy pants with an elastic waist.  Yeah right, I’m 45.  That’s how I am. It’s all about comfortable and the elasticised waist.

StyleARC Elle in Darn Cheap Fabrics scuba knit

I walked into Darn Cheap Fabrics last week and the first thing that I clapped my eyes on were the printed pontes and this printed “scuba knit”. Called scuba knit I think because it’s mostly polyester/spandex, and is nice and spongy. Thicker than your usual knit fabric – and there is a definite resemblance to neoprene! It is digital printed, and is white on the reverse. And there was no way that I was leaving the store without enough to make a pair of Elle pants.
2013-08-04 09.31.46

Anna asked me how many pairs of Elle pants I have made when I popped these on Facebook. I am embarrassed to say that it would be 8 or 9. Such a great pattern for me – and I only need a metre of 150cm wide fabric.

StyleARC Elle in Darn Cheap Fabrics scuba knit

Not much more to say about these really. The back actually fits much better than those back leg wrinkles in the photo suggests. Bad camera angle! I have already shortened the legs in two places, both above and below the knee.  Short girl syndrome!  These can be made in less than an hour. Overlocker for the construction, sewing machine with a twin needle for the hems and around the waistband. That’s about it. You know that you’re going to see more fancy pants again, don’t you!

StyleARC Elle in Darn Cheap Fabrics scuba knit


6 thoughts on “fancy pants

  1. These are just lovely Lara, I’ve only made one pair of Elle’s, in stretch denim, but I have made 5 pair of Laura leggings. I was going to Darn Cheap on Friday, now I may have to bring it forward to tomorrow!

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