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a sewing quickie – Vogue 8815

I often need a sewing quickie.  This week it was my fourth rendition of Vogue 8815.  I have definitely had value for money from this pattern!

Vogue 8815 view C

This was my second go at view C. When I made the first one I shortened it through the bodice pieces. I found that during wear the front seam often rode up my boobs and stayed there – not a good look. So this time I cut the pattern pieces without any alteration. The front seam is now in a much better place, and it stayed there through a day of wear!  I cut size 10 through the shoulders and upper chest, grading to a 12 from the underarms down.

Vogue 8815 view C

There were a couple of other alterations though. I lowered the front neckline around one and a quarter inches, left out the back zipper completely, and also narrowed the sleeves. That was done after the fact – I made the top, tried it on and found the sleeves much too wide at the wrist and also too long. So it was back to the overlocker, where I chomped down the seam from nothing near the underarm to around one and half inches at the wrist, reducing the wrist circumference by around two and a half inches in total. I also shortened the sleeves and inch or so. I’m very happy with the narrowed version. All the hems are turned over once and zig-zagged to secure. No Vliesofix for this one – the textured fabric really didn’t need it, and the zig-zag blends with the way that the fabric is made.

Vogue 8815 view C

But guess what – after looking at these photos, I’ve had a fitting epiphany! I do still need to shorten through the torso – that is what is causing those wrinkles – but when sewing knits I probably only need to do it at the back! I need the length for my C-cup bust at the front, but I am short waisted and don’t need the torso length at the back. This is an easy fix for knits, as there are plenty of ease opportunities. By the way, the fabric is a heavily textured poly/spandex or similar knit from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table. (I noticed that there was still some there when I called in on a reconnaissance mission a couple of days ago). It was a little awkward to cut, but was easy to sew. It is basically two layers of thin knit, and the way that the top layer is attached to the bottom layer gives the texture.

Vogue 8815 view C

A white top like this is great for accessorising. Perfect for showing off a brightly coloured crocheted scarf! I rather like the high-low hem on this one, and the peplum at front only. It also hides the two spare tyres (one above the belly-button and one below) rather nicely, and I am getting to the age where no-one asks if I am pregnant when I’m wearing empire line clothes. I reckon that this pattern might get a fifth outing yet.


8 thoughts on “a sewing quickie – Vogue 8815

  1. “I am getting to the age when no-one asks if I am pregnant when I’m wearing empire-line clothes” – hehee, me too, me too! I really like this top on you, and I think you are right about shortening through the back.

  2. I don’t know how you find the time to do all your sewing. I have this pattern and the fabric to make it, so I just need to get down and do it! I’ll keep in mind your alteration of lowering the front neck so that the back zip can be left out.

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