shell net cowl and hot little hands

Yes, there was just a teensy bit more crochet started while I was in Tasmania.  But not finished until after we came back!  I crocheted one Hot Little Hands fingerless mitt while we were away, and crocheted the other mitt and the Shell Net Cowl once we had returned.

Shell Net Scarf and Hot Little Hands Mitts in Wollmeise

There are two main things that I like about these fingerless mitts: the ribbed cuff, and the fully fashioned thumb.

Hot Little Hand Mitts in Wollmeise

Actually, there is something else I like about them – the colour of the yarn! It is Wollmeise, in Campari Orange, left over from Sally’s Solveig. Actually, to call it “left over” is probably stretching the truth – I bought a second skein to complete the Solveig in the full knowledge that I would use very little of it and would more than likely have enough for another project to keep for myself. Sneaky!

Shell Net Scarf in Wollmeise

The Shell Net Cowl is crocheted in the round, with the ends joined into a moebius strip. I had a little trouble with that part, and my scarf has more twists in it than it ought. It also has a couple of dodgy bits where I joined the ends. But you really can’t tell when it is being worn, and now that I have figured out the pattern I’ll do a better job of it next time.


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