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signature dress (#2)

Both signature dresses were cut out at the same sewing session.  Despite being from the same pattern, I think that they are different enough for it not to be immediately obvious.

Go To Signature Dress size 5

This time the cotton knit is a Liberty print!!!!! It was discovered at the Alannah Hill outlet (Clear It in Brunswick St, Fitzroy just down from The Fabric Store) when I went on a social sewing meet earlier in the year. Quite a few of us pounced on it – and now I wish that I had bought more. It was a dream to sew, and has combined prettily with hot pink cotton/lycra in this dress.

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Once again, I made layered sleeves and used one inverted pleat at the centre front and back, but this time used contrast neck binding plus a kangaroo pocket on the front. I also left out the waistline casing and elastic.

Go To Signature Dress size 5

This is also a size 5, with most of the construction done on the overlocker. The machine was really just used to secure the inverted pleats, to do top-stitching, and to zig-zag the hems in place once they had been secured with Vliesofix. I also used Vliesofix tape to secure the pocket in place before stitching it down – much better than using pins! And what is Stella doing with my old phone in these photos, you might ask?

Go To Signature Dress size 5

Recording video of herself singing, of course!


5 thoughts on “signature dress (#2)

  1. What fantastic fabric, perfect for the style you chose to make it up in. Singing loudly and enthusiastically is such a little girl thing, filming it is taking it to a whole other level though!

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