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Polly again…

Back to another pattern I’ve used before, the StyleARC Polly pattern.  I cut this out exactly the same as the last one, in size 12.  However, this time I used single layer fabric, a very drapey viscose I suspect.  I can’t remember where this fabric came from!

StyleARC Polly top

Once again, I think that this is a flattering style for me. V-necklines are usually good, although in this version it is lower than the previous one. Not too low, but not too far off too low! I really like the pleated neckline treatment, and it’s actually very simple to do with some tucks and gathers. The rest of the neckline is bound.

StyleARC Polly top - neckline detail

Hems were all finished with a simple medium zig-zag. I felt that in this thin and drapey fabric a zig-zag would give a flatter finish than a twin needle, which would possibly have ridged too much between the two lines of stitching. I did stabilise the fabric first with Vliesofix, but it has left the hemline a little bit wavy. Despite it being a very lightweight fusible tape, this fabric really does show every little lump and bump, and doesn’t just “flow” at the hemline but waves a bi. A little disappointing, but not a deal-breaker.

StyleARC Polly top

I was surprised to discover that the sleeves were much longer this time than last, despite having used exactly the same pattern pieces to cut it out. It shows what a difference fabric type and composition can make! Rather than shorten them by cutting and re-hemming, I decided to gather them up a little with elastic.

StyleARC Polly top - wrist gathering detail

I very simply zig-zagged the elastic along the seam while stretching it to its fullest extent. I think that it has worked nicely and adds an attractive detail.

StyleARC Polly top

This is an outfit that I feel really good in. Hooray again for StyleARC!  (And for Elk Accessories warehouse sales – if you are wondering where the necklace is from).


9 thoughts on “Polly again…

  1. I agree, this look really does suit you! You have done a lovely job of the neckline. I think this would look good at minidress length with leggings as well. I like the short straight skirt with it as well.

  2. This looks great and the red really suits you. I have used the double-sided dissolvable tape in the past as it stabilises the seam while you sew and washes out. Works a treat. Can’t remember what it’s called; wonder tape? I think it’s sold at Spotlight and Craftymamas.

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