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granny girl

Sometimes I think what when you are crocheting, as well as embracing newer techniques and styles it is worth giving more than a cursory nod to the crochet that we remember from the 70s.  Hence the Granny Girl cardigan.


This pattern is by Tatyana Mirer, and comes from the March/April 2009 issue of Crochet Today! I really like the way that the traditional granny square stitch has been translated into a cardigan.

Granny Girl Jacket

I originally hoped that this cardigan would use up some of the Spotlight 8ply wool that I had in stash. Clare chose the colours, and it did certainly use up quite a bit of the yarn that I had in stash. To the point where I had to buy more of the main colour. Whoops.


This was crocheted according to the size 8 instructions, with the only modifications being to join the sleeves after each row and to lengthen the sleeves and the body. We just kept trying it on until they were the length that we were after. That is one of the great things about working seamless top-down designs!

Granny Girl Jacket

The rows of single crochet around the edges of the sleeves, hem, edges and collar of the jacket are nice and firm and really show off the colour changes. The collar rolls quite nicely to the back, and overall Clare is very happy with her new jacket. It is quite roomy, so should fit for a couple of years before it is handed down to Stella!



6 thoughts on “granny girl

  1. I’m always in awe of your crotcheted creations. Your lovely daughter is certainly rocking this look. I started playing around with a crotchet hook and yarn earlier this year but didn’t get very far. I enjoyed it…only how to fit it in.

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