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another Lovely Layers top

This is my second Lovely Layers top.  I whipped this one up when I was at Sewjourn a little over a month ago.  See, that is how far behind I am with blogging finished makes!  This one was quick to make because I’d done it before, and it was already cut out.

Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers tunic

These really aren’t the right pants to wear with it, but I just needed to get those photos taken! The fabric is a poly/spandex from Spotlight – I picked it up on their bargain table for around $2 per metre. The print has little greyhounds (or similar) on it. A weird mix of retro and medieval.

Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers tunic

This is a size Large. I’m not completely certain what length I cut it – I think that it is somewhere between the two lengths printed on the pattern. The longest length, particularly in larger sizes, won’t actually fit across the width of many fabrics. But I just cut the length to where it will fit, and that has worked out fine (the bottom of the pattern piece is a straight line, so it’s very straightforward). I like the way that the side points hang down on me. One of my friends with a pear-shaped figure (rather than my apple) found that it looked more flattering on her with the sides tied into a knot. So that is another styling option!  I used the scoop neckline.  There is also the option of a V, a higher round neckline, or a hood.  And you can alter the sleeve length, or leave the sleeves off completely.

Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers tunic

I don’t use the pattern piece for the neckband. I just cut a long strip to the with that I like, and use the technique of sewing up one shoulder seam first, then applying the neckband while stretching it. I have found that over time I have developed a bit of a feel for how much to stretch fabrics depending on their fibre type and stretch percentage. I don’t always get it exactly right, but generally it works well. For a neckband as wide as this one, it needs quite a lot of stretch to make the inner curve lie flat against the body. Once the neckband is attached, I pin and stitch the other should, making sure that I line up the seams and edges exactly. I usually do this on my normal sewing machine for the extra control, then overlock it (whereas the neckband application is done on the overlocker). I finished all the hems with a small zig-zag after fusing them into place – my current favourite hem treatment for many knits.

Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers tunic with StyleARC April pants

Look, up in the sky! It’s the winter solstice! Beam me up!


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