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StyleARC Marie jacket

Now my blog posts are all out of sync and will be non-sequential.  I still haven’t blogged everything that I made at Sewjourn (now almost a month ago) or items that have been completed more recently.  But I’m going to show you my latest sewn item now, because I am rather chuffed with it!

StyleARC Marie Jacket

And yes! Not only did scissors get to fabric during the past week, but they got to my hair too! Not by me, by the hairdresser. So, short and copper red. I’m almost used to it now, and I’m enjoying the change. But now, back to the jacket!

StyleARC Marie Jacket

It’s the StyleARC Marie jacket. I made it in size 12. It is described as “challenging”, and it was a bit, mainly due to the brevity of the instructions. I’m used to that with StyleARC now in many ways, but this time it did necessitate quite a bit of unpicking and re-stitching. Which isn’t all that straightforward in some knits. StyleARC say “This up to the minute jacket with interesting design lines and off centre front zip can be worn closed or left open allowing it to fall into a wonderful front drape”, and recommend that it be made in a light ponte, a merino knit, or any soft knit that is still stable enough to hold the zip. I used a soft stretch fabric from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table (previously used for a dress) and it was a good match for the pattern.

StyleARC Marie Jacket

I’ve worn my jacket zipped up all day, but it looks quite effective undone as well. You can’t really tell from the pattern drawing how it drapes when undone, and it forms a soft cowl neckline at the front when done up. Which is why it needs a soft knit.

StyleARC Marie Jacket

I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern for this rendition. It was really serving as a “muslin”, as I have some textured brown light ponte that I originally bought for this pattern. But I’m sure that I’ll wear my muslin quite often. Especially with skinny pants and boots! The seams are top-stitched. Next time I made it there are a few things that I will change. Luckily, I had googled this jacket before I started to sew it, and got some good tips from Melissa at Fehr Trade. Next time I also need to remember to:

  • finish the edge of the facing with the overlocker before stitching it to the jacket
  • press the front facing/side panel seams towards the side of the jacket, not the centre
  • leave off the topstitching of the front princess seams until after the facings are attached – then I will be able to catch the facings in the topstitching
  • use a slightly longer zipper that will fit down the entire front edge
  • fuse the zip in place before stitching it.

StyleARC Marie Jacket

Some of those who have made this jacket found it a little boxy. For me, that’s not a problem – I don’t have much waist definition at all, so it is actually quite a good shape as it is. I rather like the longer length too.  And that it’s basically a zip-fronted sweatshirt, only more stylish.

StyleARC Marie Jacket

A big tick for this pattern! Only two weeks left before school holidays – will I get some more warm coats/jackets made before we head off on our family holiday to Tasmania?  And Tasmanians – any MUST-DOs while we are there (other than MONA)?


14 thoughts on “StyleARC Marie jacket

  1. absolutely love the hair, such a different look and the jacket is great too, I don’t think I have that one amongst my many style arc patterns.

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