a new flat cap for my Dad

My Dad loves his denim flat cap.  And since it is now winter, I made him another, but in wool.

woollen Flat Cap for Dad

The wool tweed was a Spotlight remnant, and it was the perfect fabric for a winter cap! Dad always wears a hat when he’s outside, summer and winter, and I love that I can make him something that he really likes – especially because at Dad’s age (86) he has pretty much everything else that he wants!

woollen Flat Cap for Dad

For a bit of fun I used fish printed quilting cotton for the lining. Love that fabric! The pattern is Nicole Mallalieu’s Flat Cap, available as a digital pdf download. It’s a perfect pattern for pdf format, because there aren’t many pattern pieces, and you get all of Nicole’s excellent instructions.

woollen Flat Cap for Dad

I sewed this up on the weekend when I was in the country visiting my parents. Coincidentally, Jane just blogged about the ones that she made her boys too – so you can see that this pattern works equally well for the juniors and the seniors of our community!

woollen Flat Cap for Dad

I spent just under two hours sewing the flat cap on a relatively unfamiliar machine (Mum’s Husquvarna Viking). So including cutting time, you probably need to allow a leisurely two hours, give or take a little. Dad’s cap is a size small – he has a small head – and it fits him beautifully. He comments on how nicely it comes down at the back of the head to stay on snugly. I’ve also seen this cap looking great on women. Now I’d like to give it a go in leather…

woollen Flat Cap for Dad

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