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a little linky love

In between feeling rather hamstered over the past few weeks, I have been reading blogs.  In a rushed fashion, admittedly.  But there have been lots of blog posts that I have found interesting for a variety of reasons – maybe you’ll be interested in them too.  Although possibly you’ve already read them, in a more leisurely fashion than I did.

Doris Chan wrote about choosing yarn for crochet, and things to watch for.

Leimomi Oakes wrote about her favourite princesses.  And no, we’re not talking about those dreamed up by Disney.

Ruth from Core Couture began an interesting discussion on her blog about the new Craftsy “Sew Better, Sew Faster” class.  Lots of food for thought in both her post and in the comments.

Laura Mae made a wonderful 1960’s sack-back dress.  I’d never seen one before, and I’m rather taken with the design feature!

Katie continued the recent Big 4 fit discussion by making a top twice – once as per the pattern, once as per her knowledge and experience.  Interesting!

Heather Lou of Closet Case Files released her Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern – a few versions have popped up on the tester’s blogs and I have to say that I love the look of this pattern!  Lots of gathers and ruching that can help in disguising a tummy and thick mid-section, and a lower leg line – wonderful!

Sew Hopeful did a stunning job of altering her Lily Chin Lace Crocheted Dress so that it better suited her needs.  It looks superb!

Andrea sewed up a gorgeous wool Minoru.  If she lived any closer to me I’d be plotting to steal it…

Rhonda Buss showed us some of Charles James’ designs and shared some construction detail.

Cathrin Ahlen gave a tutorial on how to make a buttoned and lined liripipe.  Not that I will ever make one, but I love the detail that she shares and the consideration and attention that goes into her sewing.  Quite inspirational.

Jane made delightful flat caps.  How cute are her kids in those hats!

Shams’ story of weight loss and health.  Wow.

Amy Gunson’s first crochet cabled jacket.  I want one of these in my size!

See, it’s no wonder that I can’t get everything ticked off my to-do list.  There are so many fascinating distractions!


5 thoughts on “a little linky love

  1. Thanks – what an amazingly diverse selection! Lots of fun and interest. May I ask a question? After reading about Katie making her top twice, I’m a little afraid to take the plunge back into dressmaking. Not being a “standard” size, I don’t really understand how to change patterns to fit me. Any tips? (Or maybe I should just keep buying off the rack!)

    1. Some of it is practice. I’d recommend choosing the size of the pattern based on your high bust measurement (if a top or dress) and based on hip measurement for a bottom half. Or start with your usual Australian off-the-rack size. A good fitting book, such as “Fit for Real People” is a worthwhile investment too. I’ll keep all of this in mind for a future blog post!

  2. Thanks for the link Lara. It is a good job you don’t live in the same city as me or I would need to up my security I think…lol! I am going to work my way through this reading material. It is a perfect pastime for swimming lessons!

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