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Ottobre 6 – 2011, design #18

You really don’t get a much more boring blog post title than that one, do you!  In my endeavour to use up some of those leftover “too small to make something for me, too large to throw away” pieces of stretch fabric that seem to quickly accumulate in one corner of my sewing room, I made some dresses for the girls.  And yes, I used design #18 from Ottobre 6-2011 for all of them.

Ottobre 6-2011 design #18

They’re very straightforward. Bodice, roll collar, long sleeves with gathered caps, and a gently gathered skirt.

Ottobre 6-2011 design #18

I made these dresses when I was away at Sewjourn, so now have no idea what sizes I made. They’re not terribly long – above the knee on both my girls – but have plenty of width.

Ottobre 6-2011 design #18

The dress in the photo above has a “high-low” hemline (go on, just call it a mullet) which was completely unintentional. The bodice has a gentle curve up at the centre front. So the front skirt piece has a gentle curve up to accommodate it. But I put the skirt onto the dress back to front. Whoops. Let’s call it a design feature.

Ottobre 6-2011 design #18

The red fabric is an incredibly soft velour that has been in my stash for a significant period of time. Both girls love it. These dresses have been in high rotation since they were made – other than Stella’s granny square bodice dress. It took a little longer for her to warm to that one, for no known reason. But suddenly she’s changed her mind and is happily wearing it!

Ottobre 6-2011 design #18

This is a nice snuggly pattern for a winter stretch fabric dress. It was straightforward to sew, and has met the wearability seal of approval from my daughters. Hooray!


5 thoughts on “Ottobre 6 – 2011, design #18

  1. The fabric on the bottom half of Stella’s ‘red-top’ dress – are they rabbits? It kind of reminds me of a William Morris design. Where did you buy it from?

    1. Hi there Lee – I think that they are greyhounds! It is a poly/spandex knit from Spotlight, last season I think (but bought recently from a clearance table). I made myself a Lovely Layers top from it – as yet unblogged. She likes the slinky feel of it.

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