and now she is six

Well, now she is six!  On Saturday we had the pyjama party to end all pyjama parties.  A resounding success!  Eighteen children, a magic show (thanks to Clare and her friend Tara), some magic tricks from Daddy, pass the parcel, musical statues, a photo booth, a fishing game, and an extremely sturdy pinata.




And let’s definitely not forget the cake! (Outsourced, made and decorated by one of my friends).


Oh my little Stella, how can you be six years old already! My energetic, enthusiastic, clever little girl is quickly growing into a big girl. In prep, learning to read and write, jumping up and down with excitement at so many of the things in her life. She is such a joy and source of smiles. We love you Stella!



8 thoughts on “and now she is six

  1. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl Lara, looks like you had a fabulous time.
    Is Clare available for party hire – I think a ten year old would be handy to have at a party!!
    Here’s to many more years of joy and happiness.

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