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unofficial me-made-May

I deliberately chose not to participate in me-made-May this year (not that I’ve ever participated in it, but I have watched it with great interest), mostly because I had enough on my plate this May without adding the extra pressure of a self-imposed “something else I have to do”.  Despite that, when I remembered I did take a photo of what I was wearing.  I managed to remember on 24 days out of the 31, which wasn’t too bad!

unofficial me-made-May 2013

What did I notice? That I wear me-made most of the time. I hadn’t made a pledge or a promise to myself about wearing garments that I’d made myself. But other than underwear, stockings, socks and shoes (and my made-to-measure-by-wonderful-Balinese-tailor jackets), I do wear at least one garment or accessory – and often an entire outfit – that I’ve made myself. I’m happy with that.

And yes, there are a few as-yet-unblogged garments in that mosaic. Had better get onto that – except that tomorrow is Stella’s 6th birthday party, which she is MOST excited about, and that is definitely taking priority!


5 thoughts on “unofficial me-made-May

  1. The fact that you documented your may wears but didn’t put them on flickr makes this just as much of a learning experience as if you did.
    I really love the colours and styles you’ve used.

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