family photos

The girls’ primary school had a family photo fundraiser recently through Advanced Life Photography.  Just wanted to share the photos –  because the one of the girls is absolutely adorable!

Clare and Stella

How sweet is that! Aged 10 and 5 respectively (grade 5 and Prep). I know that this photo will be one that we look back on over the years. My two primary school girls.

Family Photo

Okay, my husband is looking a little vague in this one – and he’s usually extremely photogenic! – but otherwise it’s pretty good of all of us.  Yes, my husband and I are looking quite middle-aged now, but that’s because we are 48 and 44 respectively!  That is middle aged, if you live to 96 and 88!  I keep kidding myself that the kids are keeping us young….

We only had about one family photo done when I was a kid. My husband’s family had loads, because they were migrants and always wanted family photos to send back to the relatives still in Holland. I remember visiting houses where there were numerous family photos on the walls, and I was always fascinated. I like having family photos around me – they remind me of how things have been, and are an interesting link with the past for the people to come. Do you get family photos taken regularly? And how long do you display them for?

(And to the relatives and godparents reading this – yes, you will get hard copies in the mail!)

(and yes – I did make all three dresses!)


7 thoughts on “family photos

  1. Gorgeous! And do I spy an Elk necklace? They had a warehouse sale today – it was NUTS!!

    We only had one family portrait done – and then one of us kids as adults. Both hang on mum & dad’s lounge room wall.

  2. Beautiful photos! We had a few photos done when we were kids. Now we get a family photo taken at every birthday party and a big one of my side every second xmas when we go back to QLD. They are fabulous as we usually use the self-timer. Very funny!

  3. Gorgeous pics Lara – and loving all the Mama-made goodness in there.
    We had a portrait done when I was a child with my cousins and aunt and uncle – it is like a school photo – all posed and in lines – very funny!

  4. I agree Lara family photos are so important I am a grandmother of 7 grandchildren and they are everywhere, the 2 youngest and 3 oldest live in Ballarat we live in Brisbane so that is when the photos become treasures a constant reminder of the clan, your photos are lovely.

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