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I think it’s been a whole week since I sewed anything!  Things are pretty much hamstered here at the moment.  In between Girl Guides AGM preparations, Principal Selection Panel duties, my part-time day job, working three extra days next week, a sick child last week, minor medical issues, preparing for a trip to Sewjourn in a few weeks time, a variety of social commitments, a visit to family to farewell my Mum who is now touring in Canada/Alaska, and being a household manager have me exhausted.  Let alone that other job, being a mother.  My brain is close to exploding with the effort of remembering everything that I am meant to be doing!

So in the meantime, whenever I’ve been in a situation where I have the opportunity to sit, I have crocheted.  A Roselette for my niece’s gorgeous daughter Chloe, and one for Stella.

Chloe's Roselette

I have been lax in my great-auntly duties, and this is the first hand-made item that I have completed for Chloe. And she’s nine months old. I crocheted this in Cleckheaton Country Tartan, following the instructions for size 4 but with a 4.5mm hook, which theoretically makes it suitable for a 1 year old. I hope that it fits – she’s a beautiful, contented, dimply little thing! I took the opportunity to use a couple of kitty buttons on the back.

Chloe's Roselette

I pretty much used up three balls of yarn making this. The length is longer than the pattern specifies – I didn’t want to waste that yarn! More details on this top can be found on Ravelry here.

So, to Stella’s! She chose the yarn herself (she actually chose the yarn for Chloe’s as well) – it’s a Shepherd Colours 4 Me print. I looked at it and thought “this will crochet up looking like fairy barf”. But it’s okay.

Stella's Roselette

This time I used four balls of yarn, with a 5mm hook and following the instructions for size 6. Unsurprisingly, Stella has refused to try it on as yet, but I reckon that it will be fine for my petite five-and-three-quarters-year-old. Kitty buttons on the back again (guess how I keep her occupied and what she asks me to buy her as a reward whenever I subject her to Darn Cheap…)

Stella's Roselette

This one is on Ravelry here.

So if you’re looking for a quick crochet fix that is quite straightforward and can be made in a wide range of girl sizes, this is the pattern you need!  I’ve made it twice before, and will probably make it again.  I will show you modelled photos when they become available.

Now I’m off to finish a glass of wine before I retire for the evening then get back on the wheel tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Roselettes

  1. Must be the time of year Lara…my head is about to explode with the pressures of it all too. I had a very large scream at school today. I told the kids that the lid came off the pressure cooker

  2. Your dresses are beautiful and I love the yarn you’ve used. I made a similar dress in a silvery white bamboo silk yarn for my daughter’s dedication dress.

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