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Those of you who know me “in real life” or who have been following my blog for some time would know that I like to use my glasses as an accessory.  Before I got my most recent multifocal prescription, I had multiple pairs of single vision glasses that I could alternate depending on my outfit and my whim.  For the past year I’ve only had one pair.  They’re a terrific pair of glasses, multifocals with transition lenses. but I really wanted a few more pairs of multifocals that I could swap them around with.  These arrived from Zenni Optical on Friday.

new glasses 2013 - Zenni Optical

So, what do you think? I’m very pleased with all of them, actually!   There are subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences between all of them in colour and shape, These are all acetate/plastic frames, although there are metal frames available, but I find acetate/plastic more comfortable.  I spent a lot of time comparing the measurements of the frames that were on offer with my current optometrist pair, and made sure that the bridge distance and the temple lengths were very similar. The problem with buying glasses online is that you can’t try them on – so you do need to pay a lot of attention to the detailed descriptions. These are assembled in China, and altogether the four pairs – with multifocal, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings, but no transition lenses (although these are also available) – cost me about one fifth of the price of my one current optometrist pair. No, they’re not the same quality as my optometrist pair, but they’re still extremely good and excellent value for the price. Just what I was after for spare pairs.

And no disclaimer needed – I’m just a happy customer who wanted to share the details with my other glasses-wearing friends!


10 thoughts on “new glasses

  1. Thanks for your review, I’ve been wanting to try them out ever since Trena over at the Slapdash Sewist said that’s where she got hers from. Glasses are so expensive in Australia that it’s good to have another option. They all look great on you, especially the snazzy cats eye ones.

  2. Wow! Prescription glasses are so expensive. Loved when I could get away with just reading glasses, then I could go to the Dollar Store and get them in different shapes and sizes and have them everywhere to go with everything. My last pair of prescription glasses with transition lenses cost a small fortune. And the frames were not designer. Ahhh but it is lovely to see what I’m doing. The glasses suit you. They are a lovely balance to your pretty face. Functional and pretty accessories.

  3. I love my zenni glasses. I must admit mine have held up really well and when I went for my last check up, my script was the same and the optometrist actually commented that my glasses were in great condition. Pretty good seeing I’ve had them for nearly 3 years

    1. Hello there Andrea – I just telephoned and asked my optometrist to send me a copy of my prescription! I go every two years. I’ve had glasses since my late teens – worn full-time since my mid-twenties – and so have a good relationship with my optometrist.

  4. they look ace! I like the ones on the top LHS best but they are all flattering and stylish I am glad glasses are getting a bit bigger again. I had to buy my first pair 2 years ago and got a pair so bland, I want something better this time. And in that time, I think my eyes have deteriorated, which is a pain.

    Thanks for sharing this review.Not sure I’m brave enough yet to order online – but I’ll definitely bear it in mind once I’ve worked out what shape suits my round face!

  5. Love them!!! I too ended up with the multifocal (nana focals!) last year. Looking at these lovely specs I know I’m tempting fate by running around here with only one pair – as I simply can’t see without them!
    I also LOVE the bigger lense, really suits you 😉

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