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what do you buy at a quilting convention?

Last week I visited the Australasian Quilt Convention.  Amazing quilts, lots of people, impressive stalls, fabric everywhere, chats with special crafty friends too!  And what did I buy at the Quilt Convention?

Frog Tree Pediboo - Merino/Bamboo, earmarked for a Boteh scarf

That’s right – yarn. Not fabric. Not quilting paraphernalia. But yarn.

Zauberball - 1536 Fuchsia

Oh well.


9 thoughts on “what do you buy at a quilting convention?

  1. Ha! I went on Saturday with a mate and came home with a piece of Japanese silk and a piece of hand-dyed screen printed cotton. Both for garment or bag sewing. Not for quilting. Funny huh?!

  2. If it makes you feel any better I didn’t get quilting stuff either; I got some lovely lace trims that will one day find them selves onto a dress (or some other garment).
    Although I did come home with a TERRIBLE wallhanging from the workshop that we did.

  3. That green is just gorgeous. It will go with your colouring really well. I went on Saturday. I purchased a small stitchery and a baby rattle to make for a dear friend. Was hoping to also get to Tessuti but we talked for too long over coffee. My girlfriend purchased a beautiful silk wool at $84 a ball. Expensive but so beautiful and soft.

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