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clearly I need deadlines – and your help!

Back in January, Melanie organised and posted details of a Melbourne SewcieTea (pronounced “society”), to which we could all wear our loveliest self made frocks.  It’s on this Sunday afternoon.  Something like 75 days after the initial announcement.

And no, I haven’t yet made a dress to wear to it.

So, I need your help!  Here are the current contenders:


Vogue 1287, in a woven satiny, slightly stretchy print:


Vogue 1103, in another woven satiny, slightly stretchy print. I’d use a solid for the contrast band at the bottom.  But I seem to remember that Rachel hated this pattern when she made it up.


Vogue 1194 or Vogue 1027, in this printed knit (it’s an ITY type of knit, so it’s very stretchy and relatively heavy):


The A-line Cambie in a stretch sateen.

There were more contenders, but I have managed to narrow it down a little to these options.  The weather forecast for Sunday at this stage is 21 degrees.  So, which should I make? What do you think?


29 thoughts on “clearly I need deadlines – and your help!

  1. Hi, i really like the vogue 1103. You can wear it just like that or if it’s a little chilly, with dark panty hose or leggings underneath:) I’d give anything to go through your stash of patterns. I can’t get any here in Paraguay, but I buy the burda magazines from Germany, and they help:) Have a great time sewing your tea-party dress!

  2. I’m voting for the top one – mostly because I have that pattern and want to try it soon! The 1103 sizing was really weird, so maybe be prepared to tinker if you go that one! If not, the DKNY one is an easy make – maybe good for a deadline? Xx

  3. I like vogue 1027! It’ll look great with some tight, a scarf and a jacket if it’s chilly enough and it’ll look nice in warmer seasons too. You can shorten the length to give you the option to wear boots if you like or just to show off some colored tights to match that lovely print! I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  4. I really like the look of Vogue 1287 and I love that fabric but I would go with either
    Vogue 1027 or Vogue 1194 because it is quick to make and I really like that colourful fabric.

  5. I’m going to say the Vogue 1194 for pure practicality, can be worn with tights and boots in the cold weather, has POCKETS!!, and looks as if it could hide a multiple helping at the TEA table. 😉

  6. Hi Lara, definately the Vogue 1194!!!! This looks like a lovely fitting frock – I love the little gathers at the back – ha, one of my Mesop purchases has exactly this and it really tones down one’s behind!!! Good luck – Lisa

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